Serial Mom

Trivia: The video store you see in this film is director John Waters' actual neighbourhood video store.

Trivia: Director John Waters has a voice-over cameo as the voice of Ted Bundy in the tape that's found.


Trivia: Matthew Lillard plays the titular "Serial Mom's" son. Two years later, he would go on to play one of the serial killers in the famous slasher-satire "Scream."


Trivia: Both Julie Andrews and Susan Sarandon were considered for the titular character.


Trivia: Despite the opening claiming that the film is based on a true story; based on court testimony, sworn declarations, and interviews and the assurance no one involved in the crimes received financial compensation; it is entirely fictional.


Audio problem: When they are in the flea market and Carl is with the new girl, right when she notices the egg his mouth moves to say something but nothing comes out.

Graham Dobbins
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Birdie: Hey, can I borrow your mother? My Aunt is coming for dinner and she's always getting on my nerves.

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