Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Corrected entry: In the arena battle right near the end a Jedi is blocking shots and then falls down. He never got shot. (01:54:50)


Correction: He was hit by Jango. You could see where his "skin" gets burned.

Correction: That is not the Star Wars Racer video game seen on the screen in the bar. That is just another pod race.

Corrected entry: As already noted in another mistake, when Anakin says goodbye to Padmé outside the moisture farm, their shadows change position between shots. The shadows on the ground also change size and intensity between shots several times.

Correction: This mistake is noted online, it need not be noted again.

Corrected entry: In the cloning facility when Obi-Wan is getting a tour of it, you can see some men dining. The camera zooms in on three of them, and the one on the left is seen doing a cutting motion with his knife. However, as the camera zooms out, you can see that he isn't actually cutting anything.

Correction: If you watch closer at the bottom of the shot just before they get out of view you see a white piece of "food" on his fork.

Corrected entry: When Zam crashes her speeder, watch the two pylons (or whatever they are) on the front of the vehicle, the left one hits a column and crumples up. The right one misses the column completely but still crumples even though it didn't hit anything. (00:20:55)

Correction: If you watch it on slow motion or frame by frame play at the very bottom of the of the shot you see the right one strikes the column too, it's just a little bit later than the first one.

Corrected entry: When Anakin is enraged because his mother has just died, he kills the first Tusken Raider. It falls over dead but there is no mark from Anakin's lightsaber.

Correction: The reason there is no mark on the Tusken's body is because Anakin decapitates it and the cauterized part of the neck is not visible.

Corrected entry: In the Norwegian version of the film, when Padme falls out of the ship on Geonesis, Obi-Wan says: "We have a job to do" (because Anakin wants to go down and pick her up). The subtitles also say: "We have a job to do". The problem is that the subtitles are Norwegian, so it should say "Vi har en jobb aa gjoere."

Correction: A mistake made by the Norwegian subtitlers, not the movie makers.

Corrected entry: In the scene just after Obi-Wan jumps out of the window onto the ASN-121 Assisin Droid You see Captain Typho and some others walk into Padme's room but how did they know to come.

Correction: R2D2 was programmed to alert everyone if anything happened in her room. The captain was obviously alerted when Anakin and Obi-Wan ran into the room.


Corrected entry: When Mace Windu gets off of the Gunship and starts to run into battle you see him being shot at but it is only after he looks to see if troops are following him that he starts to deflects the shots.

Correction: He is only deflecting the shots that come close to him. He knew those shots were going to miss him otherwise if those shots had hit him, he obviously wouldn't be still standing.


Corrected entry: When Anakin and Obi are in clone ship chasing Count Dooku, Anakin says "Shoot him down " but the pilot say "We're out of rockets." But when Padme falls out and the Jedi have an argument, look on the wing: there are 4-5 air to air rockets.

Correction: They are not air to air rockets because they look different and the rockets feed from the wings not under the wings.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Count Dooku's electric bolts (force lightning) strikes Anakin, Anakin's light sabre is on. In the next shot, it is off, even though we never heard the sound of it being turned off. The electric bolts would not be enough to block the sound out completely. (02:00:00)

Correction: It IS possible that the sound would be drowned out by the loud electric bolts.

Corrected entry: At the point when Padmé falls out of the ship on Geonosis, Anakin turns to look out of the door after her. As he does so you can briefly see he is wearing a wristwatch with a silver bracelet on his left wrist.


Correction: It's not a wristwatch and bracelet,it's the remains of the manacles he was wearing in the arena on Geonosis.

Correction: Paying attention to the detail, they are different.

Corrected entry: The Jedi who throws the lightsabers to Anakin and Obi-wan in the Geonosian arena battle is Steve Sansweet, who works for Lucasfilm as an archivist, is an author of Star Wars books and a collector of merchandise.

Correction: That is not Steve Sansweet. According to Lucasfilm, those 2 guys are assistant editor Joseph Jett Sally and visual effects editor Nic Anastassiou. This was mentioned in issue 77, page 88 of the "Star Wars Insider", the official fan club magazine.

Corrected entry: When Anakin jumps off the speeder when they are chasing Zam the assassin and drops to land on Zam's craft, you can see a bulge in the back of his costume that is obviously the shackle which the cable that is holding him is attached to. (00:19:20)

Correction: There is no cable connected to Haden Christianson (Anakin) in this scene. During the Documentaries on the Episode 2, you can see that Haden Christianson jumps out of the cockpit onto a blue crash mat - no cable required. What appeared to be a bulge on the back of his costume is merely the material of the jacket.

Corrected entry: When Padmé falls from the ship, she's holding her gun, but when she hits the ground, there is no gun to be seen. If she had dropped it, it should have landed near her. (01:58:30)

Correction: The gun could have simply slipped into the soft sand.

Corrected entry: When Obi-Wan is searching for the planet Kamino in the Jedi Temple library, a space map showing the galaxy and the Rishi's Daedalus is seen. The official Star Wars website says that this is the same galaxy that Luke and Leia can see from the medical ship at the end of Empire Strikes Back. (00:32:45)

Dr Wilson

Correction: Bit too tenuous to be trivia.

Corrected entry: Watch Obi-wan when he hugs Dex. When he releases, he lifts his hands & arms way too far (and deliberately) away from Dex's shoulders. Because of this awkward motion, it's easy to see that he was hugging nothing, and that Dex was inserted digitally.

Matty Blast

Correction: Obi-Wan's arms were digitally made. (See the "Clones" DVD) The only real thing kept was the head, so the awkward motion was made by the animators for some reason.

Corrected entry: When Anakin is riding the speeder to where his mother is kept, the speeder has no shadow.

Correction: This is simply not true. The shadow is visible.

Corrected entry: Take a look at Obi-Wan's lightsaber. The hilt is exactly the same as it was in The Phantom Menace. ALL hilts are different. If Obi-Wan lost his saber in The Phantom Menace (and believe me, he couldn't get it back after it fell that far) how can he still have the exact same hilt?

Correction: Jedi build their own lightsabres and make their own choices about appearance and so forth - Obi-wan has no reason to change, so he's simply built a new one identical to his previous one.

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Other mistake: How is it that one slash on Amidala's back ripped off the entire midriff of her shirt, and a sleeve? (01:47:00)

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Junkie: Do you wanna buy some death sticks?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You don't want to sell me death sticks.
Junkie: I don't want to sell you death sticks.
Obi-wan Kenobi: You want to go home and rethink your life.
Junkie: I want to go home and rethink my life.

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Trivia: When Anakin is walking around the bar in Coruscant looking for the changeling, he passes Ahmed Best, the voice of Jar Jar Binks, and we also see Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO. Katie Lucas (George Lucas' daughter) is also visible.

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Question: After the clones were discovered, Palpatine used the Separatist-Republic tension as a excuse to take control of them, but was the Separatist movement real? He could've faked it from the beginning just to take the clones out himself knowing that he would have power because of the senate. Or was the movement real at first, and he later used it to take control of the clones? The attempt on Padmé's life (which caused the Kamino reveal) besides being the price that the Viceroy requested to enter the Separatists I suppose, was to provoke the war, what do they achieve then, if they didn't know the clones would be discovered?


Chosen answer: Palpatine was playing both sides. As Sidious he was controlling and helping the separatists (which sprung from the actions of the trade federation) and as Palpatine he was defending the Republic. Both sides did not know they were being played and both sides thought their cause was "real".

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