Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Corrected entry: When Anakin and Padmé enter Watto's shop, you can hear someone shout 'CUT'. Another sound was placed over, but it is still there. (01:06:20)

Dr Wilson

Correction: As stated in a previous correction - There is indeed a short shout in the background, but it's not obviously "cut" - it could pretty much be any short cry, as could be expected in a market-place environment.]

Corrected entry: 98 degrees and various other pop stars and famous actors are some of the Jedi in the big climactic mass battle. You notice that every single member of 98 degrees is shot and killed.

Correction: This was a long-running rumour before the release of Episode II, usually revolving around N*Sync. George Lucas has since denied any such cameos, and even a careful viewing of the scene fails to turn anything up.

Corrected entry: When the vehicle sent by Zam the assassin cuts a hole in the window through which the centipeds enter Padme's bedroom, the laser's blue light cutting the circular hole is seen, and then the centipeds enter through it, but no glass is seen falling as a result, nor is it seen on the floor where the centipedes land.

Correction: He didn't cut it, he completely disintegrated it.

Corrected entry: Considering the abundance of "hyper-aware" Jedi knights in the arena during the battle against Dooku's droids, why is Padme the one that first notices the arrival of Yoda and the clone army? The Jedi were perhaps focusing on the battle before them, but so was Padme. (01:56:20)

Correction: She isn't. You can see some of the Jedi hearing something and looking in various directions before Padme looks up. Padme only says anything about it first, if anything demonstrating her lack of "Jedi-ness" - the Jedis didn't need to say anything, as they knew they'd all be aware of the army's arrival.

Corrected entry: When Anakin is getting ready to ride off after his mother, you can see a small pile of boxes right next to his shadow that is being cast on the side of the Lars' house. Amidala comes out and we see their shadows, and the boxes have gone. Then when Anakin gets on the hoverbike and rides off, the boxes return. (01:14:00 - 01:15:25)

Correction: The boxes are too low to be seen.

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: When Padme and the trooper falls out the the ship the trooper lands about 4 feet away from a rock but when you see padme roll down the trooper is almost on top of the rock. (02:03:30)

gandolfs dad

Correction: He is not on top of the rock but he looks like he is on top of it because we look at him horizontally.

Corrected entry: In the battle at the Arena in Geonosis, we can see there are a lot of droids who survive the intervention of the clones when the transports leave with the remaining jedis, but a second later, we see R2-D2 and C3PO as the only survivors in the whole arena. Where did the remaining droids go? There was not enough time to evacuate the arena. (01:57:25)

Correction: The scene we see with C-3PO and R2-D2 takes place several minutes after the department of the gunships. The droids left the arena in pursuit of them, we just don't see it and jump a few minutes in front.

Correction: That's not true. They do seem a little weird because they're digital but they appear the same moment that the trooper's feet touch the ground.

Corrected entry: When Anakin is fighting the geonosis guards in the droid factory, he does a backwards roll to avoid being hit, while doing so he rolls right on one of the molten pieces of metal on the conveyor belt...

Correction: No, actually he rolls in between the large squares of steel. This is less visible in the full-frame version of the film, but is easily seen in the proper widescreen edition.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan and the clone troopers are following Count Dooku, Dooku's wingmen retreat and fall behind the transport. They fire on the ship, making it hit the ground and throw Padme out. Now either the ships floor behind her does not go all the way to the outside wall of the ship, or she falls out through the wall. If you watch her closely, she doesn't fall to the camera's left, she falls pretty much straight back from the camera, which would have tossed her into the wall. (02:03:25)

Correction: This is wrong. If you watch the wide-screen version, freeze frame on the last frame of that shot, you will see that the "wall" is actually the wing of the ship that slopes downward. You will notice the wing-mounted cannon on the left side of the screen. Also, you will notice that sand is visible from the ground below at the bottom of the image.

Corrected entry: In the scene where C-3PO gets his head switched he gets on the conveyor belt. Before he gets on there is no room for him to get a different head. Then he gets on and there is a big space. Where did that come from?

Correction: Look again. As 3PO's body staggers onto the conveyor, it flails with its right arm, knocking one of the existing droids off the conveyor belt and leaving a space. You can hear a crashing sound as the droid falls off.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Anakin and Obi Wan hit lightsabers in the area, if you look closely Anakin hits the bottom of Obi Wan's lightsaber. This should have broken it. (01:51:02)


Corrected entry: In the scene where Anakin returns to his home planet to find his mother, he goes to talk to his ex-master Watto. After saying his first lines to Watto, which is 'hello' in another language, listen carefully. You can hear someone shout "CUT". (01:04:30)

Correction: There is indeed a short shout in the background, but it's not obviously "cut" - it could pretty much be any short cry, as could be expected in a market-place environment.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anakin is fighting Dooku in the hangar, you see that Anakin could have blocked Dooku from cutting off his arm. Instead of blocking Dooku, he straightens his arm so Dooku can cut it off.

Correction: Anakin was adjusting aggressively to Dooku's cool and calm fighting style. He was bracing for a "powerhold" (that classic pressing sabers to see who is stronger thing in Star Wars) and was drawing back to swing. Dooku spun in flush and beat him to it. Funny thing is, he took Obi Wan out with the same fake out move minutes before that.

Corrected entry: Right after Anakin rides off on his speeder bike we get to a scene with Obi Wan. When it starts you see Obi Wan just standing there, then he looks around, and then he starts walking. He must have started moving when the crew members said so.


Correction: Obi-Wan is standing there looking at the entrance to the Geonosian building. He is obviously looking around the entrance to make sure it is safe for him to enter. Once he has decided to move on, he walks forward naturally. Nothing about his movement suggests that he is trying to act as if he was already walking forward. Further, he is in the shot for several seconds before he begins walking; if the crew was trying to show him already in motion, they would have told him to begin walking as soon as he was visible.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: How does Jango make all his gadgets work? They are not part of his body, and we never see him press any buttons when he does use any gadgets.

gandolfs dad

Correction: The reason you cannot see Jango activate his gadgets is because all of them can be accessed via the helmet in his Mandolorian armor. If you have read the story of Boba Fett in "Tales from Jabbas Palace" you would know this. This way if a Mandolorian warrior has his hands tied he can always find a way to escape.

Corrected entry: When Anakin and Obi Wan run out of the gunship to the hanger with Dooku you see a clonetrooper follow them and then when the shot chages you see no clonetrooper. Then the ship blows up.


Correction: If you watch the corner of the bridge as the troop ship begins to leave, one geonosian ship flies by and destroys the troop ship, and then the other geonosian ship flies by and shoots the Clone Trooper on the bridge, and he falls off. You may also notice that the Clone Trooper is shooting at the approching droid ships before he is killed, and fires once more as he is falling.

Corrected entry: Amidala is slashed across the back in the arena by one of the creatures. Later, when she falls out of the ship and onto the sand, the slashes have disappeared.

Correction: Not true - they're narrow slashes, and given that her top moves up and down a bit they're sometimes covered, sometimes not

Corrected entry: In the final battle, Mace Windu has climbed aboard Yoda's open ship and turns around to deflect the blaster shots with his lightsaber. However, one of the shots slips through and would have hit him right in the chest. About 10 centimeters from his body, the red shot mysteriously vanishes... Obviously an interaction between live character and CGI that went wrong. (01:57:10)

Correction: The only one he doesn't block is closer to the camera than him - we see it impact on the side of the ship.

Corrected entry: During the fight between Anakin and Dooku, Anakin cuts that cable and all lights go out (all lightspots on the ground disappear). When Padme and the troopers arrive, the lights are up again, and lightspots can be seen again on the floor.

Correction: The cable was connected to the ship, not the lights. However, the slash would have caused a power surge back through the system that caused the lights to temporarily dim. They came back on right away during the battle.

Plot hole: When Amidala and some of the clone troopers get blown out of the ship chasing Dooku, later the trooper approaches Amidala and asks about making their way back to the front lines, but Amidala says they should go to the hangar to help Obi-Wan and Anakin. How did she know about the hangar, having left the ship quite some time before it arrived at the final destination? (02:05:50)

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Obi-Wan Kenobi: [To Anakin.] Why do I get the feeling you're going to be the death of me?

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Trivia: The first scene in which Obi-Wan and Anakin appear was filmed after principal photography had finished. Ewan McGregor had shaven off his beard, so he had to wear a fake one.

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Question: When Anakin and Padme get married, Anakin is wearing an outfit that is often seen on Jedi and is displaying a Jedi Padawan's hair braid. Do he and Padme not care that the man who performs the wedding is seeing him (as Jedi are not supposed to have relationships and marry)? Why not disguise him? It's a huge risk to let even one person see a Jedi getting married.

Answer: Agolerga, who officiated the wedding, would have known who both people were, especially Padme. Remember they were also keeping the marriage secret because of Padme's position as Senator. Assuming Agolerga was aware a Jedi can't marry, he may simply not care or agree with the rule. Also, as a holy man of Naboo, Anakin and Padme may have trusted him with their secret.


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