Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Obi-Wan has been captured and is restrained mid-air by a force field. A seemingly concerned Count Dooku arrives telling him it’s a mistake, the Separatists have gone too far. Offering his help, he says there’s corruption within the Republic and that many senators are controlled by Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. According to Dooku the dark side of the Force has clouded the Jedi Council’s vision. Dooku claims Viceroy Gunray of the Trade Federation was once in league with Darth Sidious, but Gunray was betrayed and came to Dooku for help. Dooku wants Obi-Wan to join him, but he believes nothing Dooku says. On Coruscant, the senate votes Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers, which he vows he’ll relinquish once the crisis is over. To fight the growing separatist threat, Palpatine requests approval to create an army. Anakin and Padme arrive on Geonosis, but they’re captured and sentenced to death with Obi-Wan. Execution is Roman-style—fighting vicious animals in an arena. Before entering the arena, Padme declares her love to Anakin. The three manage to fend off the beasts but just when they can’t last much longer, Mace Windu and the other Jedi hidden in the crowd reveal themselves. A fierce battle erupts but the droid soldiers outnumber the Jedi and many are killed. As they make their final stand there seems little hope, but Yoda arrives from Kamino with the clone army and defeats the droids. Mace Windu kills Jango Fett. Dooku and the separatist leaders retreat. To protect the schematics for their ultimate secret weapon (the Death Star) from the Jedi Council, Dooku makes for Coruscant.Obi-Wan and Anakin chase Dooku to the hangar where his ship is hidden. The two Jedi attack Dooku but soon realize he is the Sith Lord, Darth Tyranus. His dark powers are considerable. Obi-Wan is wounded and Anakin’s arm is hacked off. Dooku is about to kill them when Yoda arrives and confronts Dooku. Yoda is Dooku’s equal, but after a fierce battle, Yoda is forced to yield in order to save Obi-Wan and Anakin from being crushed by a piece of heavy equipment Dooku has levitated over them. Dooku escapes. At a secret location on Coruscant, Darth Sidious greets his loyal servant. Sidious tells Dooku all is going according to plan. The assassination attempts and the separatist movement were all part of his master plan to control the Republic and initiate a war. At the Jedi Temple, Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan discuss Dooku’s defection and the Sith’s power over the Force. They determine to keep a close watch on the senate. They ponder the future now that the clone army used on Geonosis has ignited the Clone War. Meanwhile, Anakin has escorted Padme home to Naboo where they secretly marry.


Plot hole: When Amidala and some of the clone troopers get blown out of the ship chasing Dooku, later the trooper approaches Amidala and asks about making their way back to the front lines, but Amidala says they should go to the hangar to help Obi-Wan and Anakin. How did she know about the hangar, having left the ship quite some time before it arrived at the final destination? (02:05:50)

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Count Dooku: What if I told you that the Republic was now under the control of a dark lord of the Sith?
Obi-Wan: No, that's not possible. The Jedi would sense it.
Count Dooku: The Dark Side has clouded their vision. Hundreds of senators are now under the influence of a Sith lord called Darth Sidious.

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Trivia: When Anakin is walking around the bar in Coruscant looking for the changeling, he passes Ahmed Best, the voice of Jar Jar Binks, and we also see Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO. Katie Lucas (George Lucas' daughter) is also visible.

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Question: The lightsaber Anakin wields in this film is described as being his first lightsaber, so why does he say "Not again!" when it's destroyed in the Geonosis factory?


Chosen answer: Because he dropped it earlier while chasing Zam Wesell on Coruscant. Obi-Wan caught it that time and scolded him for losing it.


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