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Corrected entry: When Cathy follows the running policemen into the Thunderbolt Hotel room, she stops, then looks around a policeman at the dead woman. She makes no big sound or big movements from that point onward. Bullitt is not facing the doorway and is starting to make a phone call to Delgetti. During his conversation, he turns his head and looks up to see his girlfriend in the room. What draws his attention to notice her?

Correction: Bullitt turns slightly and catches sight of Cathy out of the corner of his eye.


Corrected entry: The driver of the Dodge Charger during the chase scene with Steve McQueen's Mustang is an actual stunt driver (even in close-up). He is obviously killed when the Charger crashes into (behind) the gas station. After Steve McQueen wrecks his Mustang he goes to the police garage to ask for another car and is told there are none left. Then watch closely...the last car is driven out by the stunt driver of the Charger!

Correction: There is a man with large black glasses driving out of the garage, but his face is not seen. It could be anyone.


Continuity mistake: Steve McQueen passes the same green Volkswagen at least three times while chasing the black Dodge Charger R/T. This is due to the same downhill portion being shown to us from multiple angles to artificially extend the length of the scene.

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Bullitt: Who else knew where he was?
Walter Chalmers: What?
Bullitt: Who else knew where he was?
Walter Chalmers: What are you implying?
Bullitt: Well, they knew where to look for him, and they used your name to get in.
Walter Chalmers: Are you suggesting I disclosed his whereabouts?
Bullitt: Well, somebody did. And it didn't come from us.

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Trivia: In the restaurant scene near the beginning of the film, the actor playing the waiter accidentally flips the corner of the menu in Steve McQueen's eye, but it was left in the finished film.

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