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Corrected entry: During the chase scene, the Mustang's rearview mirror usually shows part of the driver's face, either Bullitt's or his stunt double's. While near the end of the chase on the hill, when we can see the water of the Bay, the Charger can be seen (from within the following Mustang) having a hard time turning left. The Mustang's rearview mirror shows the stunt driver excitedly chewing gum, but Bullitt is not chewing gum.

Correction: Just because we don't see the gum placed into his mouth, and just because in some shots he isn't chewing, that doesn't mean it isn't there. The face in the mirror is indeed McQueen himself, and he is obviously actually driving the car in the chase, hence, Bullitt is chewing gum in the chase.


Correction: At best, the Mustang goes through five distinct gears when accelerating after the slide to avoid the cyclist, then catching up to the Charger. At that point, the camera angle changes to inside the Charger, and the driving becomes erratic. A slow-down was certainly possible, putting the Mustang down a gear or two before we hear further upshifts. As for five gears, the car is wearing aftermarket wheels, right? Who says it can't have an aftermarket-prepped 5-gear trans, for the movie's sake? In reality it didn't, but the character could have made the change.

Corrected entry: Jaqueline Bisset and Steve McQueen are driving in her yellow Porsche on the busy freeway. A grey saloon and 3 red lorries feature behind in the shot. Bisset and McQueen stop the car and get out for a chat on the side of the road. They then get back in and drive off, with same grey car and 3 red lorries behind them!

Correction: At the start of the scene a blue car is on the off ramp as McQueen and bisset pull off the highway in the yellow Porsche. After the cliff top scene it cuts back to the highway and the same blue car is just leaving the highway with the yellow Porsche 3 cars behind it. They just used an earlier piece of the same shot.

Correction: They are not shown driving away in this scene. There is a brief shot of the car parked on the shoulder, and one red truck can be seen approaching, but it is a highway and there's probably other red trucks traveling there.


Continuity mistake: Steve McQueen passes the same green Volkswagen at least three times while chasing the black Dodge Charger R/T. This is due to the same downhill portion being shown to us from multiple angles to artificially extend the length of the scene.

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Chalmers: Ross.
Bennet: Albert Edward Renick, used car salesman, Chicago.
Chalmers: Who's Renick?
Bullitt: He was the man who was shot in the Hotel Daniels. You sent us to guard the wrong man, Mr. Chalmers.

David George

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Trivia: There are many stories on the internet claiming a cameraman was killed when the charger hits the camera during this chase. On the DVD extras, we see this scene from a different angle. The charger hits the camera and we see it break up, but there is no-one near the camera. Obviously the cameraman set the camera rolling, then retreated - smart guy.

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Question: What happens at the end of this film? Was the man who was shot the real man, and who was that guy who McQueen shot at the end?

Answer: The man shot at the hotel at the beginning is Renick. Ross assumed Renick's identity and was going to flee the country. Ross kills Mrs. Renick to keep her quiet. The man at the airport that Bullitt kills is Ross.


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