Kaori finds Tetsuo at the unfinished stadium, recoiling in pain. With her help he limps towards and sits at the main chair over looking the stadium, his metallic arm begins to mutate mixing body organs and metallic parts which he tries to hide under his cape. Before long Colonel Shikishima shows up and asks Tetsuo to return with him to receive proper treatment this angers him and he attacks Shikishima knocking him to the floor. Tetsuo then makes his way towards Kaori but Shikishima knocks him down by shooting at him, this then causes Tetsuo's mutation to intensify, to Shikishima's and Kaori's horror.Tetsuo extends his grotesque mutated arm outwards towards Shikishima which begins to consume him, a laser then darts out and rips through the mutation causing it to revert back into Tetsuo and subsequently saving Shikishima in the process. Tetsuo turns to see Kaneda on top his bike aiming down a laser at him, Kaneda then fires again missing as Tetsuo jumps up and then lands down shattering the ground beneath Kaneda. Kaneda reverses along a now almost vertical slab of concrete and fires once more at Tetsuo just catching his metallic arm in the blast , he begins to ride away jumping from the concrete slab as Tetsuo uses his psychic powers to shatter it and send large boulders down upon Kaneda.Takashi protects Kaneda from the falling boulders while to Tetsuo's dismay Masaru and Kiyoko begin to move towards the stadium's centre point where the remains of Akira are being kept, Kaneda takes this opportunity while Tetsuo is distracted to again shoot him, Tetsuo manages to deflect the blast but at the cost of his metallic arm. Takashi then joins Masaru and Kiyoko in front of the Akira capsules, while to Kaneda's horror Tetsuo's powers begins to take over his entire body at an unbelievable rate mutating his physical presence.It's at this point of his highest possible power that he calls to Kaneda for help, unable to help Kaneda stares on in complete shook. Tetsuo then lumbers towards Kaori and while crushing part of the stadium consumes her, Kaneda is then flung at and into Tetsuo because of the damage being caused to the stadium (along with his bike). Inside Tetsuo pleads with Kaneda to help him as Kaori is dying and he can feel her pain, Kaneda tells him to stop but Tetsuo says that his body isn't doing what he tells it to as Kaori is horrifically crushed within Tetsuo. Tetsuo cries for Kaneda's help as outside we see lasers dart out off Tetsuo's mutated body.This causes Tetsuo's body to recoil in pain and transform further, whilst throwing Kaneda out duing the chaos. Tetsuo moves towards Shikishima who tells Takashi, Masaru and Kiyoko to escape, but they ignore him and continue to sit in front of the Akira capsules in complete silence, un-moved by the events happening just behind them. Tetsuo then consumes Shikishima and begins to cover Takashi, Masaru and Kiyoko as the Akira capsules shatter. Akira's physical form begins to appear forcing Tetsuo back, freeing Shikishima in the process. The children greet Akira, as he walks forward a blast (much like the one from the start of the film) begins to consume the stadium. As Akira


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Female in crowd: Those are so fattening.

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Trivia: The music for this movie was completed before any of the composers saw a single frame of film, or even read the script. As a result of this, the music had to be edited to fit in some scenes.

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Question: Can anyone explain the significance of Tetsuo's transformation towards the end of the film? I've been told it supposed to symbolise something but I can't figure out what.

Answer: In effect, it should symbolize (just as the other psionics say) that humanity is not yet ready to control such power; we are mentally not 'mature' enough. And since we are mere 'children', we tend to play with that power without any real sense of responsibility, and before we know it, it goes out of control. In effect, it mirrors the lack of sense that we demonstrate in our real world, with our technical and political power.

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