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Continuity mistake: When Lowe sits down by Rowan on the couch, Rowan is holding her hair back with her hand. When it cuts to him saying "You wanna tell me what happened" her hair is hanging down. (00:30:30)


Continuity mistake: When Kay-Em jumps on the platform while attacking Jason, she is shown crouched down and says "Hey." and she is missing her black latex gloves, but in the next shot the gloves are back on. (01:03:30)

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Wimmer and his men are approaching Rowan, we see Dr. Wimmer lift his head looking up at her. When it cuts he lifts his head, looking up at her again. (00:04:40)


Continuity mistake: When Jason rams his machete through the cry-stasis chamber and stabs Rowan, the amount of blood on the machete differs from shot to shot. (00:08:25)


Continuity mistake: As Kay-Em repeatedly kicks Jason, between shots the amount of blood on his machete varies. (01:04:00)

Continuity mistake: When Jason is sneaking up behind Crutch, the position of his headphones changes between shots. (00:40:00)

Plot hole: When Professor Lowe calls Dieter Perez to tell him about his findings on Earth 1, Perez makes note that one of the viables was named Voorhees and deduced it was Jason Voorhees. How did Lowe know it was named Voorhees? 1) Rowan at the beginning acknowledged she had yet to prep the chamber which means no paperwork. 2) The students found no paperwork when they found the chamber and had no time to look for paperwork once they realized they needed to get Rowan to a lab to save her right away. 3) Rowan did not give him Jason's name when she first woke up. This is obvious in the scene after Lowe talked with Perez he was talking to Rowan and she brought up the story about Jason and he acted like he never heard the name before. So there is no way for Lowe to know Jason's name for his report to Dieter.


Continuity mistake: When they crash the ship into the Solaris you see the back part of the ship slide over the Solaris' glass sphere. When it cuts half the ship is sliding over the sphere. (00:50:10)


Revealing mistake: When Sgt. Brodski gets a spear through him, Jason pushes it through the wall and passes into Brodski's stomach. You see him lift himself up off of the wall and the spear in his stomach lifts up as well. (00:47:40)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning they show a close up of Jason, the skin around his eyes and ears (around the outside of the mask), are flesh colored and looks like normal healthy skin. When Adrianne takes his mask off during the autopsy they skin is grayish like it's decaying.


Continuity mistake: When Rowan is stabbed by Jason she slides down to the floor and freezes sitting up. She remained undiscovered and undisturbed for over 400 years until the scientists find them. So how did she end up lying on her back covered up by what look like exhaust tubes? Aside from the unlikelihood of no-one stumbling across her for all that time.


Other mistake: As Jason wrestles around with the kid on his back his left eye opens some and his real eye can be seen. However, the eye was removed during the examination at the beginning.

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Continuity mistake: In the fight scene between Jason and Kay-Em, she's blasting away at him with the auto-guns. When Jason falls, you see that his machete is almost bloodless, but a second later, it's bloodied up again.

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Plot hole: In the beginning of the movie, Lexa Doig's character and Jason are frozen in cryogenic stasis. Considering how important Jason is to scientists, why did no one arrive to check out why no one or nothing was occurring in the research facility until centuries later?

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Suggested correction: The Jason Project was considered Top Secret. In fact it was so secret that if anything went wrong the whole project would be abandoned and sealed.


Correction doesn't make sense; I don't care how Top Secret something is, that young lady most likely had family that would have most assuredly questioned her whereabouts and there's no way Jason would have been left unattended in that chamber.

Dieter Perez: A box of DVDs is not a gold mine.

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Trivia: When the Marines are suiting up to go hunt Jason, one of them asks "Who has the B.F.G.?", a blatant reference to graphically violent PC games "Quake" (1996) and "Doom" (1993) where the B.F.G. is the most powerful weapon available (the name stands for "Big F***ing Gun"). (00:38:00)

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Question: Why do characters in this movie have such a strange names, like Azrael, Brodski, Kinsa, Stoney, Gecko and others?

Answer: It's set nearly 500 years in the future. Naming conventions change.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Actually internet names of friends of Todd Farmers.

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