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Corrected entry: Jason was dragged down to hell in the end of JASON GOES TO HELL, why is he in this one?

Correction: The upcoming film "Freddy vs. Jason" takes place between the two films (as seen in the end of Jason Goes to Hell when Freddy pulls Jason's mask down into Hell) and will provide the link to both films. The link wasn't provided in Jason X deliberately for this purpose.

Corrected entry: A deranged serial killer with superhuman strength and about 200 victims is left with only one soldier guarding him? All arguments of "movie logic" aside, this is just plain ridiculous.


Correction: Jason was chained well, so they didn't believe he was able to get loose. The lone soldier was no doubt to stop anyone interfering with him, rather than to stop him escaping.


It had been established that he was an unstoppable killing machine that was virtually impossible to kill, it's no way he would be left alone with just one soldier, in a open area no less.

Corrected entry: When talking to Rowan, Prof. Lowe states that Earth Prime sustains no life by land or sea. In the final scene of the film, a couple is seen standing near Crystal Lake watching Jason fall from the sky. (00:30:05 - 01:23:45)

Correction: That's because during the events of the movie, the characters have been travelling away from Earth prime the whole time. What you are seeing is Earth 2, the new home for the human race, and it is fully inhabited.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, KM using a highly effective weapon to defeat Jason. Why didn't Brodki's crew have access to this weapon to begin with? It makes no sense.


Correction: Because by this time, KM and the others knew what they were dealing with and knew normal weapons were not taking him down. Brodki's crew knew nothing about Jason. They believed that he was just a normal human who got thawed out and believed normal guns would take care of him.


Corrected entry: When Jason throws the machete through the recently upgraded android, there is a side on shot of the android with the blade protruding out of her back. She is clearly not wearing any sort of back pack. However in the very next shot of her from the front you can see the holster that is holding her rifle, securely fastened to her back. (01:03:15)

Correction: Don't forget, she first shoots Jason and he goes flying back a bit. No mistake here.


Corrected entry: When Jason is frozen in the cryo-stasis machine he is frozen in there along with his machete. Knives need to be constantly resharpened in order to cut yet after hundreds of years we never see his blade resharpened. Nevertheless it seems to slice and gut people with no problem.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: A knife does not have to be razor sharp to hack through people, especially when wielded with the incredible strength of one Jason Voorhees. Secondly, the reason knives have to be continuously sharpened is that they are being continuously used. Jason's machete has been unused while frozen with him, therefore it would be just as sharp as the day he was frozen.

Correction: As a follow up: deep freezing knife blades has been shown to actually make them more durable and resilient (google 'ice hardened knife' for more info). While freezing a blade for over 4 centuries is a bit of a stretch, the science stays the same, meaning Jason's machete would be even more capable of cutting and slicing up folk once it was thawed out.

Corrected entry: When the girl and the guy are in the room, and they get called down for something the guy walks out and Jason stabs him and blood goes on the girl's face and body. When she ran out to the rest of the crew she had barely any blood on her stomach and none on her face.

Correction: She wiped the blood off her face when she ran out.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where the camera is panning around Jason, you can see that he has hair. Since when did Jason have hair? Also in the same scene when they show a close up of Jason's mask, there is no slash or cut on the mask above his left eye where he was hit with an axe. (00:03:20)

Correction: It's possible for Jason to grow hair. It's mentioned in the movie Jason has a regeneration so he could have slowly regenerated hair, that or the toxic waste he got covered at the end of Friday the Thirteenth Part 8 could have mutated him enough to grow hair.

Correction: The mask with the axe mark was destroyed in part 7.

Corrected entry: When the professor is talking to that old guy over the video phone computer thing, the old guy asks if the Voorhees is Jason Voorhees, and he then tells the professor about what Jason did. Later, when the professor is talking to the woman they reanimated, she mentions Jason Voorhees and he has no idea who she's talking about. He should, considering the old guy told him earlier.

Correction: He pretends not to know so she won't get annoyed that he didn't get rid of Jason right away.

Corrected entry: In the sick bay, Kay-Em has taken Jason's arm off, then takes off a bigger chunk of his right shoulder, left leg, and finally, about 95 percent of his head. Seeing that Jason falls on the table where the nanotech reconstruction takes place, why didn't they pull his remnants off the table? Even though it was severely damaged and at an angle, common sense would say that it was still hooked up the power, and might somehow reactivate.

Movie Nut

Correction: They were in the rush of the moment. When Jason was knocked back, he basically trashed the room and the nanotech table. As they were in a hurry to get off the ship, given it was apparently very broken medical equipment and a guy with half his head blown off, they just simply didn't take the time to think about that with the ship about to blow up.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Jason is blown to pieces by KM. His head is half-gone and his arm and leg has been detached. Yet, he manages to be revived, coming back bigger and stronger. So why couldn't they "restore" Brodski's crew? Most of them had far less damage to their bodies than Jason.


Correction: The crew were pretty much already dead and could not be brought back to life. Jason also has a healing factor which prevents him from dying from fatal wounds which was referenced at the begining of the film.

Corrected entry: When Uber Jason is about to kill the two VR girls, they climb into their sleeping bags, but do not zip the sleeping bags. When Uber Jason grabs the girl's bag up and starts pounding her, both of the sleeping bags are zipped all the way. (01:19:45)

Correction: The scene also cuts to more of the Grendel. Plenty of time to zip up the sleeping bags. Also this is a virtual reality scene. Virtual reality has the same rules as dreams. No mistakes can be made.


Corrected entry: When Kinsa gets Stoney's blood splattered on her face, it is everywhere, but in the next shot when she's in the hallway, it is only on her shirt and her face is perfectly clean. (00:33:40)

Correction: There are more shots after she gets the blood sprayed on her face. Plenty of time to wipe it off. Yet it is very hard to wipe blood off of clothing. No mistake here.


Corrected entry: When Adrienne cuts off Jason's mask you see the straps are cut, but when Jason gets up they are once again firmly attached to his head. (00:25:30)

Correction: I don't see this. Especially sin Adrienne cuts the edges of the mask, and nowhere near the straps.


Continuity mistake: When the android steps up to fight Jason the first time, he throws his machete at her and hits her square in the chest. For the rest of the movie there is no hole in her jumpsuit. (01:03:00)

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Crutch: Hey, you're lucky you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict. Hell, we were beating each other with our own severed limbs.

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Trivia: The scene where Stoney gets killed, blood flies onto the face of Kinsa. However the blood was never meant to hit Melody Johnson, the actress playing Kinsa, in the face. When the blood hit her, it accidentally got in her eyes, burning them. Her screams in that scene are genuine.

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Question: When Professor Lowe calls Dieter Perez to tell him about his findings on Earth 1, Perez makes note that one of the viables was named Vorhees and deduced it was Jason Vorhees. My question was how did Lowe know it was named Vorhees? 1) Rowan at the beginning acknowledged she had yet to prep the chamber which means no paperwork. 2) The students found no paperwork when they found the chamber and had no time to look for paperwork once they realized they needed to get Rowan to a lab to save her right away. 3) Rowan did not give him Jason's name when she first woke up. This is obvious in the scene after Lowe talked with Perez he was talking to Rowan and she brought up the story about Jason and he acted like he never heard the name before. So how did he get Jason's name for his report to Perez?


Chosen answer: There is a certain difference between filling out paperwork and preparing a chamber for cryogenic freeze. Rowan may have reserved the cryo chamber for Jason, filled out the forms and put his tag on it, but she had yet to prep it properly (check that every detail was in working order, maybe run a test, re-check, etc). So there may have been a tag on the chamber with the name "Vorhees" on it, Rowan just did not think of this as "prepping".


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