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Plot hole: In the beginning of the movie, Lexa Doig's character and Jason are frozen in cryogenic stasis. Considering how important Jason is to scientists, why did no one arrive to check out why no one or nothing was occurring in the research facility until centuries later?

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Suggested correction: The Jason Project was considered Top Secret. In fact it was so secret that if anything went wrong the whole project would be abandoned and sealed.


Correction doesn't make sense; I don't care how Top Secret something is, that young lady most likely had family that would have most assuredly questioned her whereabouts and there's no way Jason would have been left unattended in that chamber.

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Dieter Perez: A box of DVDs is not a gold mine.

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Trivia: The scene where Stoney gets killed, blood flies onto the face of Kinsa. However the blood was never meant to hit Melody Johnson, the actress playing Kinsa, in the face. When the blood hit her, it accidentally got in her eyes, burning them. Her screams in that scene are genuine.

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Question: Everyone keeps saying Jason has the power of regeneration. That's why he has human fingers, hair, beard, etc. However that does not explain why his face does not get better. I know his face was deformed when he was a child which explains his deformity. However every time his mask is taken off, it still looks like the face of a dead guy. His face never becomes any more human like the rest of his body. Can anybody explain how his supposed "regeneration" fits into this?

Answer: Jason wasn't deformed as a child. Jason was deformed at birth. His regeneration can't fix anything better then it already was, just to where it was to begin with, therefore since his face was always deformed it can't be fixed better than its deformed state. If half his head is blown up it will regenerate, but only as far as the deformed state.

oddy knocky

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