Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Trivia: In chapter 18 of the DVD when Buffy is cheering at the basketball game and Grueller (now a vampire) shows up we see him growling at a player from the other team. The player then tells him "Here, take it" and hands him the ball. The player from the other team (in the red) is Ben Affleck, pre-stardom.

Trivia: Seth Green is the only person who appeared in both the "Buffy" movie and the TV series. Although his big scene ended up on the cutting room floor, you can see him in vamp-face on the back of the movie box.

Trivia: Because of changes to the script Joss Whedon was forced to make by the studio, he doesn't consider the film canon as established by the TV series. The studio made Whedon trim out many of the film's darker moments, in addition to a quite a few of the jokes he had written. And they also forced him to completely rewrite the climax, which originally ended with Buffy burning down the school's gym to kill the remaining vampires.

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Trivia: Buffy's surname is never mentioned in the film. It didn't become "Summers" until the TV series aired.

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Trivia: Amilyn's death scene was completely improvised by Paul Reubens.

Trivia: Joss Whedon's original script, which was drastically altered by the studio, director and cast, was eventually adapted into a comic-book called "The Origin" in 1999. Whedon has said that while he has some small issues with the comic, he thinks it can be viewed as being canonical with the series, unlike the movie.


Trivia: Donald Sutherland reportedly rewrote or improvised much of his dialogue, much to the dismay of writer Joss Whedon. Whedon felt Sutherland's dialogue didn't fit with the script and was at times "unintelligible."


Continuity mistake: When Buffy is out shopping for her dress and Pike is on his bike beside her, they stop to talk and have an argument. Buffy walks off and Pike turns his bike around to drive off, but as he does this, his bike suddenly moves a few feet away from the wall he was right next to in the previous shot. (01:01:05)

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Lothos: You and I are one.
Buffy: One what? Cute couple? I don't think so.

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