Changing Lanes

Visible crew/equipment: Just after Gavin and Doyle's collision, when Gavin is on his cell and says, "Tell them I'm on the steps," in the next shot as the car passes behind Doyle and Gavin, the boom and mic are reflected on the car's surface.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Gavin's second accident on the FDR he walks toward Doyle's disabled car, and as a green van drives past Gavin, the camera, cameraman and two other crewmembers (one wearing a baseball cap) are reflected on the van's surface.


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When Ben Affleck is meeting with the man who changes Samuel Jackson's credit record, the man remarks that Samuel Jackson should not have told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance. Samuel Jackson never told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance.



I was delighted to notice that William Hurt's character works in a T.V. station - you will see that during one of his phone conversations with Samuel Jackson. Anyone remember Broadcast News?