Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes (2002)

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Corrected entry: After Ben Affleck sets off the sprinklers and drenches the office, none of the computers or monitors seem to short out despite being deluged with water.

Correction: Fire sprinkler systems cut power on activation to electrical supplies in buildings.

Corrected entry: When Affleck sets off the sprinkler system in his firm's building he does it by holding fire to one of the sprinklers. Sprinklers are set off by heat melting the water stopper in the sprinkler. What Affleck did would have set off one sprinkler, not the whole system.

Correction: Most sprinkler systems are kept pressured. When a single sprinkler goes off the pressure drops, this is detected and the sprinkler pumps are activated. This supplies enough pressure to burst the other sprinkler heads. Secondly, the sprinkler head in the film had a glass/alcohol stopper - when the alcohol is heated it expands, breaking the glass.

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When Ben Affleck is meeting with the man who changes Samuel Jackson's credit record, the man remarks that Samuel Jackson should not have told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance. Samuel Jackson never told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance.



I was delighted to notice that William Hurt's character works in a T.V. station - you will see that during one of his phone conversations with Samuel Jackson. Anyone remember Broadcast News?