Changing Lanes

Factual error: When Sam Jackson removes the lug nuts from Ben Affleck's Mercedes, Ben's character continues to drive before the wheel comes off. All Mercedes models use wheel lug bolts and once removed, the wheel immediately falls of the hub. (01:00:15)

Factual error: When Jackson removes the wheel bolts from Affleck's car and Affleck crashes, the airbags on the Mercedes come out but when Affleck is out of the car the airbags are still fully blown. When airbags are activated in reality they inflate then immediately deflate, the idea being that you hit them as they deflate, cushioning the blow.

Factual error: Michelle tells Gavin over the phone that it's Good Friday when he asks her what day it is. When Gavin comes back to the office after Doyle's arrest, a radio is on reporting the Dow and NASDAQ closes for the day. The market is not open on Good Friday.

Plot hole: When Ben Affleck is meeting with the man who changes Samuel Jackson's credit record, the man remarks that Samuel Jackson should not have told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance. Samuel Jackson never told Ben Affleck that he was in insurance.

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Sponsor: What happened in court today?
Doyle Gipson: I'm in a bar. What does that tell you?
Sponsor: It tells me that you're really angry. And that anger has gotten you into the one place in the world you shouldn't be.

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Trivia: I was delighted to notice that William Hurt's character works in a T.V. station - you will see that during one of his phone conversations with Samuel Jackson. Anyone remember Broadcast News?

Tiffany Fife
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