Breaking Away

Continuity mistake: There is an error in the scene where Dave is drafting behind the Cinzano truck. In the second close up shot of his legs (cranks) pedaling the bike he is in a lower (easier) gear than the previous shot even though he is supposed to be riding significantly faster.

Continuity mistake: In the climactic race scene near the end, every time the camera cuts back to a long shot of the race, the lap number on the board goes up and down, rather than going up sequentially.

Continuity mistake: In one of the shots where Dave Stoller is chasing after the girl to return her notebook, we see him riding his bike in front of a building. In the next shot he is riding in front of the same building, going in the other direction.

Factual error: When Dave is "true"ing his wheel, he adjusts one spoke with 3 full turns. That wheel would not be rideable after that much adjustment on one spoke.

Continuity mistake: Of the many scenes on campus, one shows the students leaving a building directly behind the Sample Gates, books in tow, as if just getting out of class. However, the building they are exiting is the Administration Office, not a classroom building.

Revealing mistake: Dave is racing with the Italians, and the Italian puts his pump in Dave's spokes. In the middle of the bike falling over, you see a horizontal beige object with duct tape on it for a couple of frames, where you should see Dave.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the scene when Dave races with the Italians, the bike he is riding when the Italian puts a pump in his spokes is not his bike. His bike has a chrome plated fork crown, and brazed on shifters. The crashed bike is a cheaper bike with a cheap fork that has no chrome, has paint missing on the inside of the right fork blade, and the bike has clamped on shifters.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dave is racing with the Italians, when the Italian puts a pump in his spokes, Dave's hands are off the bars, the front wheel slides out to the right and the bike falls to the left. Immediately afterwards, you see Dave with his hands on the bars, the bike is still upright, and then he goes forwards over the bars.


Dad: Refund? Refund? Are you crazy! Refund? Refund? Refund?

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