Boys Don't Cry

Revealing mistake: Candace's eyes are moving and she is breathing after allegedly having been shot and killed.

Revealing mistake: The morning after Brandon is killed Lana wakes up with her head resting on Brandon's waist and you can clearly see his hip heaving as he breathes.

Continuity mistake: During the birthday party, the cigarette over Brandon's ear switches from right ear to left ear.

Continuity mistake: When Candace gets shot at the end she falls on her back and her legs are sticking straight out. When Lana wakes up and her mom walks her out of the house, they look over at Candace and her left leg is now bent at an angle.

Other mistake: Brandon is at Candace's in the shack when Chloe Sevigny drives away to her home - which is at a driving distance - to get her things, and somehow Brandon pops in her window to tell her to hurry up! How did she get there so fast?

Continuity mistake: When Candace gets shot, her overall body position changes. When she is shot, she falls in the door frame with her feet sticking out, yet when the 2 girls walk past her in the morning, her body has moved back into the next room about 4 feet. This couldn't happen since she fell dead right away in that doorway.

Factual error: Towards the end of the movie, Lana and Brandon are driving in a car with 2 other characters, Brandon looks over at Lana then looks out the windshield at the skyline of Dallas, Texas not Nebraska.

Continuity mistake: When Lana is waiting for her friends outside a bar, she's smoking. As we hear the car pull up, she throws the cigarette away with her right hand. In the next frame, when she walks towards the car yelling at them, she has a lit cigarette in her left hand.

Continuity mistake: When Brandon goes back to Lincoln for his court date, when his arrest reports are flashing on the screen while he is sitting in court, his DOB changes from one report to the next. In the first one it shows his DOB as 1970 and his arrest year 1990 yet showing him only 18 years old on the police form. In the second one it shows his DOB being 1971 with the arrest year being 1991 and his age being 19. (00:53:05)


Brandon: Lana, you are one cranky girl.

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Trivia: In actual life, Lana states that Brandon never proposed to her. In fact, when she found out that Brandon was actually Teena, she ended the relationship then and there.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Question: What is the name of the song the girls are singing in the bar (the one with the "Bluest eyes in Texas" line) and who (if there is) is the original performer?

Answer: "The Bluest Eyes in Texas". Original performers are Restless Heart.


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