Continuity mistake: Bowfinger takes off his fake ponytail and puts it in his left pocket but when he gives his business card to Jerry Renfro, he puts his hand in the right pocket and his ponytail is attached to the card.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: How does Afrim "lose" his arm in the face-melting scene? He takes off his sunglasses and uses both arms to fold the sunglasses and throw them into the police car (he even uses his left hand to throw them in), and yet somehow his left arm drops off as it "melts."


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Daisy is supposed to meet Bobby at his place, when Bobby empties out his box of money and sets it down, there's a dollar bill still inside of it. The doorbell rings, there's a shot of the door, then a shot of Bobby sitting next to the box and now the dollar bill has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Kit is reciting "Keep it together" at his MindHead session, he holds his hands up in one shot to gesture at each word, but in the next shot, his hands are in his lap, folded close.


Continuity mistake: When they are filming the scene on the highway, where Slater is going backward with his car, Kit's driver has a gray shirt, but when we see them from the outside a few shots later, he has a black shirt.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In Kit's restaurant confrontation scene, Carol's wig is being put on. In this shot, we see Daisy's arms are both up at her sides, as if she's twiddling her fingers (or something similar). In the next shot, Daisy's arms are behind her back, her hands clenched.


Continuity mistake: There is a scene where "cops" get out of the car to stop Eddie Murphy and the Afrim's face melts (?). The skinny cop appears out of the car then back in then out.

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Kit's Agent: This is a great script! Look, it's not Shakespeare, but it.
Kit: Hey, what did you just say?
Agent: I said, 'it's not Shakespeare'.
Kit: 'It's not Shake... ', 'It's not Shake... ' (to Freddy) Do you hear what he's doing?
Freddy: I know he's doing something, I just can't put my finger on it. Yeah, yeah, yeah... What's he doing?
Kit: Shakespeare, Freddy, Shakespeare.
Freddy: Shakespeare?
Kit: Shake a spear! Spearchucker! I'm a spearchucker now.

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Trivia: The plot was based on a real Russian filmmaker who secretly shot silent film star Mary Pickford while she was on vacation, and decided to base a film around her.


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Answer: It's done with CGI. Such freeway scenes are impossible to do with stunt drivers as you would need very complicated choreography to make it look believable.


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