Snow Dogs

Revealing mistake: When Ted Brookes slides onto the ice pond after falling down the hill, you can see that at first he slides onto an actual ice pond. In the next shot, you can see that the ice has changed and he is now on a fake ice pond when it starts to break.

Revealing mistake: When Ted arrives in Alaska he has to take a small, single engine plane to his destination. When he gets out of the plane, the runway is supposed to be covered with ice, making Ted seemingly slip, slide, and appear to be running in place trying to keep his balance. But if you look closely, you can see that he is wearing roller blades instead of boots when he is running in place.

Continuity mistake: After Demon chases Ted into the tree, he falls down and when he lands the right side of his body is closest to the tree. Camera angle changes and his head is now closest.


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Tower Control: 8-6-7-2-4-1-Queen, move it! Or you're going to be the hood ornament on a 737.

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