Snow Dogs

Continuity mistake: When Ted is out mushing with the dogs, the dogs take off after a fox. Ted tries to stop the dogs with his hook. He gets dragged behind the slide with the hook hooked to his right boot, then it cuts back and its hooked to his left boot and then back to the right boot.


Continuity mistake: After Demon chases Ted into the tree, he falls down and when he lands the right side of his body is closest to the tree. Camera angle changes and his head is now closest.


Continuity mistake: When Ted's mother is waiting with Barb at the finish line, she has a scarf on. You can see it in several shots sticking out from her coat. In the final scene when Ted crosses the finish line, the scarf has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: The skunk in the rear window of the VW appears and then disappears and then re-appears right before it sprays Ted.


Continuity mistake: When Ted's mother comes to Alaska to find Ted, Ted is out looking for Jack. Ted's mother is standing at the finish line waiting for Ted. When we first see her she is holding a Teddy Bear, the shot cuts to Barb coming out the door than back to Ted's Mom and the Bear is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Cuba is driving in the Beetle with the skunk, the skunk is in the back walking around on the platform under the back window, but we cut to Cuba with a clear shot of the back window, and there is no skunk. Yes, Cuba's head is in the way a little, but that is a big, bushy skunk. Plus in the next shot they show the skunk again, and it wasn't in the place where Cuba's head would've been hiding it.


Continuity mistake: When Thunder Jack is looking in a store window, his jacket is at first orange, than gray, this happens many times.


Continuity mistake: After Ted has rescued Jack from the cave, Jack is strapped to the sled and Ted is on the back, with both Nana and Demon as the 'lead dogs' (Jack's dogs are also attached to the sled, but this is irrelevant). In one shot, Nana is on one side, Demon on the other, but in the very next, their positions are flipped around. The ganglines make it impossible for the dogs to do this (cross over) whether they are stationary or moving, so it could not be that Nana merely decided to run on Demon's other side, or vice versa. And even if this was possible, you can see perfectly well that the lines are uncrossed and untangled; totally fine.


Continuity mistake: In the establishing shot of the dentist office, Rupert is advising a patient. He is wearing a purple shirt and matching tie. When he next appears in Ted's office, he is wearing an orange shirt and tie.

Continuity mistake: When Cuba is driving the beetle, there is a skunk in the back. Well if you continue to watch out the back window, you can see that it changes from the town to just trees. It switches a couple of times.

Continuity mistake: When Ted first meets Arthur, there is a Captain Crunch box behind Arthur in the first few shots. However, the box then disappears.


Continuity mistake: As Thunder Jack drives along in his car and sees Ted rolling in the snow after being sprayed by the skunk, his rifle on the back of his truck has a wood stock. When Ted is in the car later, the stock has somehow changed to a synthetic grey.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ted is sliding down the hill after being chased by a bear, you can see a plastic sled on his back.

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Thunder Jack: You know, I've always believed that a man who don't tell it like it is, is a liar.

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