633 Squadron

Continuity mistake: As Wing Commander Roy Grant exits his plane, after crash landing, his jacket catches on fire. As he runs across the wing it goes out. After he jumps off the wing it's on fire again.


Continuity mistake: Just after the squadron enter the fjord for the big finale, Wing Commander Grant notices German aircraft in the sky above and says "There are bandits up above, keep down low." Then we momentarily cut to each of the crews inside their Mosquitos. A couple of the crews (Singh and Gillibrand's crews) aren't wearing sheepskin flying jackets, but when we see them again later on, they are.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the film a Mosquito lands on runway 04 (NE). The next shot shows the aircraft still rolling down the runway, and the camera tracks past a weather vane showing the aircraft traveling in a south westerly direction.

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Continuity mistake: When the Germans attack their airfield you see the Indian pilot Singh machine gunned. The next scene shows him alive in the pub.

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