633 Squadron

Revealing mistake: There is a British pilot who tries to pull rank in order to chat up Erik's sister. He has a hook for a hand, but the arm isn't any shorter. He is holding onto the hook under his cuff.

Revealing mistake: During the cockpit scenes there are no tail planes visible at the back of the planes.

Revealing mistake: in the scene where Flight Lt Gillibrand (the Australian) is making his practice bombing run there is a shot of him in the cockpit with the camera pointing in his face. He is shown turning the control wheel hard to his right. But the rear screen projection shows a slight left bank.

Revealing mistake: In one shot, approximately just at the beginning of the actual attack, it shows a Mossie banking hard left at about 80° - the view is from the front. From the left wingtip, a "line" is shown continuing the dihedral angle to the edge of the frame. This is obviously a pair of control lines - so indicates it is a model being flown.

Other mistake: A lot of the aircrew are wearing a 1939-45 Star medal ribbon. This medal was obviously issued after the war's end.

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Trivia: All of the members of the Norwegian resistance movement (the Ling) are ambushed and wiped out by the Germans on their way to attack the defences. This would suggest that Erik Bergman must have broken under torture and given the information about the upcoming attacks to the Germans - allowing them to know where and when to ambush the resistance men. So the Wing Commander's murder mission was a waste of effort (or at least too late).

david barlow

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