28th Oct 2013

633 Squadron (1964)

Continuity mistake: Just after the squadron enter the fjord for the big finale, Wing Commander Grant notices German aircraft in the sky above and says "There are bandits up above, keep down low." Then we momentarily cut to each of the crews inside their Mosquitos. A couple of the crews (Singh and Gillibrand's crews) aren't wearing sheepskin flying jackets, but when we see them again later on, they are.

18th Sep 2013

We Dive at Dawn (1943)

Factual error: When Hobson is dropped off at the island of Hago whilst dressed in a German uniform, both the German sentry and the Feldwebel address him as "Hauptman" (Captain). But Hobson is wearing the collar insignia of an Oberleutnant (First Lieutenant) whilst at the same time wearing the shoulder straps of a Leutnant (Second Lieutenant). Hobson must be wearing the unique uniform of a Luftwaffe officer who holds three different ranks!

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