Hot Shots Part Deux

Trivia: When the escapees are held up by the fence gate, the guy carried in the stretcher and submerged in the stream is heard gurgling something. Listen closely, and you hear him spoofing Disney's Pinocchio by calling "Mr. Gepetto".

Trivia: Just as in the first film, the end credits are crammed full of hidden jokes and miscellaneous one-liners.


Trivia: The scenes where HQ attempts to warn the commandoes about the Iraqi patrol boat, and the arrival of the boat itself, have been borrowed from 'The Guns of Navarone'.

Trivia: Ryan Stiles also appeared in the original Hot Shots, as Mailman Farnham.


Trivia: The credits show that several cast members are listed as having the maiden name "Rodham". Near the end, a voice announces "Hot Shots Part Deux was filmed in front of a live studio audience."


Trivia: Charlie Sheen's father, Martin, appears very briefly as Captain Benjamin Willard, his character from Apocalypse Now.

Trivia: Another movie spoofed in this one is "Basic Instinct". The scene where Topper and Michelle have a most intimate talk at the White House reception has some parts from the other's script.

Trivia: Richard Crenna was contacted about being in this movie, but first called Sylvester Stallone and wanted to know if Stallone was okay with him being in the film, being a parody of Rambo. Stallone gave his blessing so Crenna took the part.

Revealing mistake: When Michelle is binding Topper's hands to the bed you can see the cloth hiding her breasts. (00:30:30)

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Topper Harley: Colonel, who are they?
Col. Walters: She's CIA. The other man's an extra.

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