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Corrected entry: At the end, when Topper is swordfighting with Saddam on a balcony, he jumps onto the railing and leaps to the floor below. When he hits the floor, he's momentarily concealed by a table in the foreground, then stands up. This is because a stunt double jumps from the balcony, and then Charlie Sheen stands up from behind the table--but after Charlie stands up, you can see the stuntman's foot rise into view as he settles on the pad he landed on.


Correction: This is a spoof on the stunt double techniques used in action movies and meant to be seen. Charlie Sheen pops out so far away from the landing that a child would know it was fake. Also, the stuntman is, as you rightly point out, in the scene at the same time as Charlie for a few frames, to accentuate the farce.

Corrected entry: When the president is standing with the other presidents, there is a shot of them from a distance as the president starts knocking them over with the shovel. One of the men falls without the president hitting him.

Correction: That former president is Gerald Ford. Infamously known for falling over while exiting Air Force One. Him falling over without getting touched is the joke.


Corrected entry: When Topper scales Saddam's palace wall and swings over, part of an unidentifiable piece of equipment can briefly be seen at the top of the screen.

Correction: Having just watched the scene in question, I can see no such object. The only thing that vaguely resembles what you describe is a tree in the upper left corner in the last few frames of the shot.


Corrected entry: On the plane, Topper uses his knife to spear a pop-can and uses the knife as a straw. It's obvious that he spears one type of can, but in the shot when he picks it up the can looks different.

Correction: I don't see how anybody could come to this conclusion. There's only one can.


Corrected entry: Topper stops the kickboxer's flying kick, the latter falls down, and the floorboards shake ominously - probably foam fakes to soften the landing.

Correction: They were fighting in a barn. The boards were just loose.


Corrected entry: When Benson and his two divers pass beneath the Iraqi patrol boat and the President blows off some 'pressure', the bubbles rise up just before the shot where 'it happens'.

Correction: Those are bubbles of carbon dioxide exuding from their SCUBA suits.


Corrected entry: When Topper leads the rescue team into the prison compound, he uses a wire cutter attachment at the end of his knife to cut the fence. The cutters come out and a snipping noise is heard as if the fence is cut, but the fence is not cut and the cutters just bounce off the wire.

Correction: Nothing of the sort happens. It may be a little hard to see, but it is cut as told by a white line where it was severed by the knife.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, the commando team synchronise their watches to 11:40 p.m. The team leader's watch is shown with the second hand on the 6. The second hand does not move in the couple of seconds it is shown. The same watch is shown a couple of minutes later showing the same time.

Correction: Given the nature of the movie (Jokes every second literally) I believe this is a subtle joke that implies they really weren't that coordinated.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the typed text informs us that a secret plot to rescue hostages not known to exist has been started by the President. How is it that shortly afterwards the news media speaks of the "long-standing" hostage crisis coverage. They just heard about it.

Correction: True they have just heard about it, but it is still long-standing because it has been going on for a long time. The press doesn't need to be involved for it to be a long-standing situation.

Corrected entry: In the first shot of the president where he exits the helicopter, the rotor blades have stopped turning and yet the sound of rotors continues.

Correction: The pilot is running the engines but has engaged the disconnector - essentially a clutch - which stops the rotors turning. It's a safety feature.

Corrected entry: After Topper has re-encouraged Forbinger, the ammo belt on his M60E3 is almost depleted. However, in the next shot in which he appears, the belt is again at full length.

Correction: The whole sequence is a spoof of the Rambo films. This is an intentional joke aimed at the fact that Rambo's ammunition belt never runs out regardless of the millions of bullets he shoots.

Corrected entry: Topper tosses a grenade at the patrol boat captain, and it lands straight in his mouth. if you look closely, the scene is actually a reverse run of a shot where the man actually spits the greande out, as seen by the way the grenade 'slips' in.

Correction: The effect is intentionally visible as the producers wanted it to be blatantly obvious to make fun of the technique used.

Revealing mistake: When Michelle is binding Topper's hands to the bed you can see the cloth hiding her breasts. (00:30:30)


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Topper Harley: These men have taken a supreme vow of celibacy, like their fathers, and their fathers before them.

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Trivia: When the escapees are held up by the fence gate, the guy carried in the stretcher and submerged in the stream is heard gurgling something. Listen closely, and you hear him spoofing Disney's Pinocchio by calling "Mr. Gepetto".

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Chosen answer: It appears to be his initials "SH" in the style of the New York Yankees "NY" logo. He's also wearing pinstriped pajamas that look like the Yankees uniform.


I was expecting it to be some kind of Arabic symbol, but I can see the initials now, and it fits his character.

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