The Omega Man

Continuity mistake: In at least one scene, traffic lights are shown flashing. Where's the power coming from?

Continuity mistake: When Neville flips the car over that he's driving, you see him shooting at the mutants and you can see the tire still turning. The camera angle changes and the tire has stopped turning.


Continuity mistake: When Lisa sees the family marching towards Neville's house, in front of the building on the left is a waste can and a mail box on the opposite corner. When Neville drives by the same building a short time later, there is now a dark car parked in front, two other cars parked on the sidewalk further down the street, and the mail box has moved across the street by the door. (01:25:05 - 01:27:00)

Continuity mistake: When Neville is in the helicopter with the cure, you can see by the reflection of the trees in the glass that the helicopter is not moving.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Neville crashes the car he is driving and gets out to look over the damage leaving the car door open. He decides to walk away from the car and you see the car door still open. The camera angle changes and the car door is now closed.


Continuity mistake: When Neville slams a mutant into the pile of boxes in the parking garage, there are brown cardboard boxes stacked neatly against the wall, but when the mutant stands up and Neville shoots him, the boxes have disappeared, showing bare wall.


Continuity mistake: When the rich middle aged couple's bodies are in front of the TV set, the man's right arm changes position from resting on the chair's arm rest in the shot over his right shoulder to elevated in the frontal shot.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, Neville sees the sun just above the horizon, about to set, and he flees for his shelter, racing through city streets. As the camera repeatedly cuts to follow him, it's obvious that the sun is still high in the sky, nowhere near sunset. In fact, the sun's position is constantly changing from one shot to the next all throughout this film.

Continuity mistake: Robert Neville ends his morning run in a downtown Los Angeles left empty by biological warfare except for vampiric mutants led by Jonathan Matthias. Only trouble is, when director Boris Sagal purports to show the audience how "dead" Los Angeles is by displaying four wide shots of the city after Neville yells "Hey, Matthias." you can see a white car in the right background of the last L.A. wide shot moving along quite briskly.

Continuity mistake: When Neville crashes the jeep you can see the explosives being thrown under the car. The camera angle changes and you see Neville taking out the explosives from his backpack and throwing them again.


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene when Neville almost hits the armored car, he crashes his car into the curb. The shot shows the car from a side view hitting the curb, and the tire going up over the curb, still intact. Next shot shows Neville getting out to check the damage, and the tire is now flat.


Visible crew/equipment: Very early on in the movie, Neville is happily driving around the deserted streets. Half way through this scene the camera shows us Neville's view out the front windscreen of the car. Ahead, moving cars can be seen crossing the intersection, obviously where the streets hadn't been blocked off for the filming of the movie.

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Matthias: You are discarded. You are the refuse of the past.
Neville: You are full of crap.

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