The Omega Man

Audio problem: When Neville and Lisa are in bed, you hear Lisa talking but her mouth is not moving.


Audio problem: Lisa is nude and gets up to close the windows. Neville comes out of Richie's room and turns to see the naked Lisa sitting.on the bed. You can hear her speak, but her mouth never moves.

Audio problem: Neville attempts to fire at Matthias with his submachine gun, but it jams. His lips don't move when you hear him say, "Jammed!"


Visible crew/equipment: Very early on in the movie, Neville is happily driving around the deserted streets. Half way through this scene the camera shows us Neville's view out the front windscreen of the car. Ahead, moving cars can be seen crossing the intersection, obviously where the streets hadn't been blocked off for the filming of the movie.

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Lisa: Is there anything you can do, doctor, I mean, seeing as how you've lost over 200 million patients?

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