Best movie audio problems of 1971

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory picture

Audio problem: In the "Candyman" song near the beginning of the movie, the candy store owner is on a ladder, about to drop candy into the kids' hands. When we see the kids holding up their hands and saying, "Me. Me.", none of their mouths are actually saying anything. (00:04:00)

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Diamonds Are Forever picture

Audio problem: In the scene at Willard Whyte's house where Thumper and Bambi are fighting Bond, Bond gets thrown into 3 cylindrical statues. Just as the shot cuts, you can see the last column beginning to topple but there is no sound as it crashes to the floor in the next shot.

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Bananas picture

Audio problem: When Woody Allen is driving in his car, he is talking to himself. In the next shot, when the car is shown farther away, you can still hear his voice talking, but his mouth isn't moving.

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Fiddler on the Roof picture

Audio problem: At one point near the end of the movie, you can hear Tzeitel's baby crying. Watch closely, and you'll see that the baby's mouth is not moving. It's even closed at times.

Movie_Freak 1

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Bedknobs And Broomsticks picture

Audio problem: When Professor Brown and Miss Price are eating, he asks, "Why are you so interested in that?" His mouth doesn't move in sync with the words.

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The French Connection picture

Audio problem: As Popeye Doyle is chasing the elevated train, he is continually honking his car's horn to warn pedestrians and whoever else to get out of his way. One scene shows him with one hand firmly on the wheel, and he hits the top-most rim of the wheel in frustration, and the horn honks on both hits. That car did not have a rim-blow type horn mechanism - only Fords had those, and this was a Pontiac Le Mans.

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Dirty Harry picture

Audio problem: When Harry shoots Scorpio in the leg on the football field, as he walks towards him, Scorpio shouts out "Don't do anything more! No! No!" If you look at Scorpio's face, however, you can see his mouth is not moving in sync with what he is saying.

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Big Jake picture

Audio problem: When Michael kills the sharpshooter in the bell-tower, the man is clearly dead when he falls out of the tower, but we can hear him scream on the way down to the ground.

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Carry On at Your Convenience picture

Audio problem: In WC Boggs' office, Charles Coote has just designed a toilet and Sid Plummer decides to test it by sitting down on it and reading The Sporting Life. Charles says, "It was hardly designed for a reading room", and in the next shot he can seen saying the word "room" again but with no sound.

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Carry on Henry picture

Audio problem: When Henry VIII runs out of the cowshed from the irate farmer, he says "Give me my money back!" but his lips aren't moving.

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Please Sir! picture

Audio problem: When Angela leaps on Bernard at the end of the movie, she says "At last, you're mine" but the movement of her lips are not in sync with the words.

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Gumshoe picture

Audio problem: When the saxophonist talks to Eddie (Albert Finney) before joining his band, which has already started playing, the saxophone can be heard although the player has not yet joined them on stage.

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