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The Omega Man (1971)

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Corrected entry: When Neville gets back to his fortress-apartment, he boots up the video surveillance system, switching on several closed-circuit monitors. The very largest screen, however, shows himself, looking toward the screen. As he turns about his image on the screen doesn't turn the correct way; it moves like a mirrored image: he turns to the right, the image turns to the left. The image ought to turn in the same direction. The image in the video screen was photographed separately (and not quite inaccurately), and added later in post-production.

Correction: You need only use your phone video of yourself to see, that if you walk right, the video *you* walks *left*. The idea expressed in this is based on a mirror, in which your image follows you left and right. Not a live point-of-view of yourself, which is then turned 180 to face you. As in this scene.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the generator runs out of gas and Neville rappels down the elevator shaft to refill it, Lisa is startled when she hears the elevator coming up to the top floor. The problem is the elevator was already on the top floor when the power went out. (01:07:45)

Correction: When Neville got the generator re-fueled and running again, he would have then summoned the elevator to the garage level to ride back up. Watching the elevator descend would not have added to the excitement. Lisa was not startled or surprised to hear elevator activity. However, she was moved to action as she suddenly realized that she didn't truly know who was going to be coming out of that elevator.

Corrected entry: The mutants are supposed to have low tolerance to light and yet they run around carrying torches.

Correction: They have a sensitivity to sunlight and very bright lights. Torches would give off enough light for them to see, but not enough to hurt them.

Corrected entry: When Neville is fixing himself a drink at the bar, he plays an eight track tape. What's powering the tape unit and amplifier? (00:35:40)

Correction: The same generator that powers everything else.

Corrected entry: When Neville first drives into his garage, all of the lights are on although he hasn't started the generator yet. Also, the electric garage door opener works. (Could be on batteries, but not likely.) (00:10:30)

Correction: Why would that be unlikely? It would make perfect sense that he would want the garage door opener to work AND to have light in the garage when he gets home, so he would probably run them on a battery while he's out.

Corrected entry: After Neville shoots his rifle at the mutants, you see him going back into his house and holding the rifle by the barrel as he puts it in the corner. He would have burned his hand.


Correction: He only fires 3 or 4 shots, it would take quite a bit more to heat up the barrel.

Grumpy Scot

Other mistake: In the opening scene where Charlton Heston drives into a Deserted Los Angeles, he drives past at least 3 people walking down the sidewalk. The first person he passes is quite visibly holding up the traffic for the shooting. Another can be seen on the left of the screen when Heston puts the tape on. And one more can be seen in the wide shot of the street. Other than this, the film makers did a great of making LA look deserted.

Gavin Jackson

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Matthias: You are discarded. You are the refuse of the past.
Neville: You are full of crap.

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