Tommy (1975)

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Tommy has nothing physically wrong with his eyes and ears. His blindness and deafness is caused by a mental block, the result of seeing his father being murdered in the mirror when he was a child. When the mirror is broken, Tommy's senses are restored. Tommy sets up a holiday camp where people can play pinball wearing earplugs and eyeshades, so they can experience what he did - and, he hopes, feel the same wonder about being able to see and hear. But the people reject him and smash up the camp, so Tommy goes off on his own to look at the beauty of the world.


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Continuity mistake: During "Eyesight to the Blind," The Preacher's guitar changes from a red Les Paul to a black Stratocaster. It's not blatantly obvious, but easy enough to spot without slow-mo. (00:26:33 - 00:30:02)

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Tommy: See me, feel me. Touch me, heal me.

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Trivia: Ken Russell wanted Christopher Lee to play The Specialist. However, Lee was unavailable, filming The Man With the Golden Gun in Bangkok. Russell eventually cast Jack Nicholson.

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