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Corrected entry: In the scene where Rocky's son finally stands up to the bullies at his school (and gets his jacket back) the one kid initially says 'What's the matter Stallone, you not talkin' to me?', rather than Balboa. I watched the movie 'On Demand' and couldn't believe my ears, but I went back and it is what is said.

Correction: I turned on the caption and the kid doesn't say "whats the matter, Stallone, you not talking to me?" The kid is actually saying "whats the matter? Slow down! You're not talking to me?" The caption confirmed it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, the shower scene, Rocky calls out to Tony to go get Adrian. Stallone used the actors real name (Tony Burton) instead of his character's name, Duke.

Correction: This is not a mistake. The character's full name in the movie is Tony "Duke" Evers.

Corrected entry: Before the start of the Cain-Gunn Heavyweight fight, we see promoter George Washington Duke announcing the fighters. He announces Union Cane's weight, but does not announce Tommy Gunn's weight. In any sanctioned boxing match, both fighters' weights (and even other statistics) are told to the audience.

Correction: Duke was already talking a lot before he announced Gunn's name. Much of what he said before his "Turbocharged..." line was drowned out in the previous shot by Rocky and Paulie talking over the TV in the basement, so it is likely that he did indeed announce Gunn's weight; we just did not hear it properly.


Corrected entry: In the final fight scene, Rocky and Tommy Gunn crash through a fence and onto the street, where they fight under the elevated subway line (the Market-Frankford "El"). The fight occurred after Rocky took a walk to a neighborhood bar (where everyone knew him), which means that the bar should be/was located in South Philadelphia, where the El doesn't even run, and where the Broad Street Line (the other subway in Philadelphia) runs underground.

Correction: The neighborhood bar & fight seen in "Rocky V" was exactly in the middle of his neighborhood and where the EL train runs. His house, gym, fish store, Paulie's home, are all located by this location (Front Street - Kensington. Some locations were also filmed in South Philly, such as, Little Marie's home, The Atomic Hoagie Shop, St.Thomas Aquina's Church, But, there is no reference in any Rocky movie that South Philly was specifically his neighborhood.

Corrected entry: In this film, Rocky is told that he's not endorsement material due to his past as a thug for Gazzo, yet in the opening montage of Rocky III, they show him doing an American Express commercial.

Correction: In Rocky III he is Heavyweight Champion of the world, so yes he would be endorsement material. In V he has lost all his wealth.

Corrected entry: A major plot point in this film is that Rocky loses all his money, and is forced to move back to the lower-middle class neighborhood in which he used to live. Excuse me? We have here a good-looking, white, American, undisputed heavyweight champion, who gained immense popularity by fighting like a warrior and always remaining humble. (A sports rarity indeed). Yet apparently there were no endorsement deals to be had, and no card shows nearby, where Rocky could have made say $20,000 in a single afternoon of signing autographs.

Correction: Have you ever heard of MIKE TYSON? Mike was at one point one of the best, but now he owes the IRS 375 million, and he is getting that money from fighting, not endorsements.

Corrected entry: In Rocky V, Rocky tells his son that he was scared for all his 72 fights. But in the first Rocky he tells Adrian that he had fought 64 fights and never broke his nose. When you start counting, it is not correct. He fights Apollo in Rocky I and II, then in Rocky III he defends his title first 10 times, then he fight Clubber Lang 2 times, last he fights Drago in Rocky IV. So in Rocky V, he has fought 79 fights and not 72.

Correction: Rocky had brain damage and was forgetting things, he even tells that to his son so probably didn't count the fights correctly.

Corrected entry: You see in this movie a flashback of Rocky with his former coach Mickey. There you can see that he gives Rocky Marciano's cufflink to Rocky Balboa. And he wishes him good luck against Apollo. So that has happened around Rocky I or II. You never see him wear that cufflink in Rocky I, II, III or IV, but after he fights Drago in Rocky IV you see him in the shower with the cufflink on a necklace, that is very strange, because in the previous movies he never wore it.

Correction: Rocky does wear the cufflink given to him by Mickey. Watch part 3 where he is serenading Adrian in bed.

Correction: You can also see Apollo wearing the same necklace in the earlier films as well? How odd is it that Apollo also has a necklace made of Rocky Marciano's cufflink.

Corrected entry: During the scene on Christmas day right before Rocky's son, Robert, storms out the door- Rocky is explaining to him how important it is to be with one's family during the holidays. Rocky asks Robert if he remembers last year and all the fun they had. This film occurs immediately after "Rocky IV" (1986) and Rocky's bout with Drago. Therefore, "last year" Rocky was in Russia training to fight Drago for their Christmas Day boxing match. He spent most of the winter in Russia for training, so when did all this fun holiday activity happen that Robert is supposed to remember from "last year"?

Correction: In the press conference, the kid looks exactly the same as he does throughout the whole movie. He has not aged at all from the press conference, to the end of the movie. where did you get this info that there was the gap, it doesn't say that in the movie at all.

Correction: Not quite true. There is a five year gap between the beginning of Rocky V (the aftermath of Rocky IV) and when Rocky hits finiancial peril. Remember, his son was 7 in Rocky IV and is now 12 in Rocky V. Therefore, "last year" must have been a great time in the mansion, when his son was 11.

There is only a 5 year gap between the release of the films. Rocky V is set shortly after Rocky IV and this is a valid mistake. Shortly after the fight with Ivan, Rocky returns home. Upon returning home, Duke wants Rocky to fight Cane. They didn't spend 5 years in Russia, nor does Duke wait 5 years to capitalize on Rocky's victory over Ivan. In regards to Rocky's financial perils; before Rocky left for Russia, his power of attorney was signed over to his accountant. While Rocky was away, his accountant squandered his money on bad investments. On top of that, the accountant had failed to pay taxes the previous six years (i.e. the 6 years before the fight with Ivan, not 6 years after the fight). So shortly after returning home, Rocky basically finds out he's broke and owes money and that's the motivation to fight. The following Christmas would be a year after the Christmas in Rocky IV.


Revealing mistake: When Rocky delivers the final uppercut at the end, the punch misses by inches.

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Rocky: You knocked him down, why don't you try knockin me down now?


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Trivia: The church where Tommy has his first fight is the same one where Rocky fought in the first movie.


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Question: When Rocky goes bankrupt, I find it hard to believe that he couldn't have kept his lifestyle. With his popularity as champion, couldn't he be hired as an analyst for ESPN, Showtime or HBO? What about a book deal? He could have even done speaking engagements and appeared at shows for five figures. Or even do commercials?

Answer: Rocky is bankrupt due to his manager's mismanagement and is now nearly one million dollars in debt. Any money he could make from endorsements, commercials, etc. would only be garnished. He also suffers from depression and was diagnosed with having some brain damage from his last fight, possibly making him unsuitable as a spokesperson, public speaker, or sports analyst. Of course, it also serves the plot better if Rocky is in more dire circumstances.

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