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Corrected entry: It's established that the bone Vince dug up was one that the Klopecks buried, but the question is why bury it right under your neighbors' fence who already suspect you of being murderers?

Correction: When Dr. Klopek confronts Ray in the ambulance, he tells Ray that he gave him the femur. Ray at the time didn't believe that the Klopeks' were murderers at all until Dr. Klopek confessed to murdering the Knapps.

Corrected entry: After everyone leaves from visiting the Klopecks, the guys are talking back at Ray's house. Ray says that he found Walter's wig after the dog came up from the basement. But in that scene, you can see Ray tucking the wig into his shorts before the dog even appears.

Correction: Since he dropped his tea on his shorts, he holds them so they wouldn't touch his thigh, not putting Walter's hair piece in under his shorts. You can see that he holds on to his shorts from the moment he drops his tea.

Corrected entry: There are 2 Psycho references in this movie. When Ray and Art see Hans come out of his house the first time, and in the background you can see a house that looks almost exactly like the Psycho house. The inside of the Klopek's house is exactly the same as the house in Psycho.

Correction: The only similarity between the houses is that they are both old and not maintained. As for the inside of the house, it is substantially different. The walls, doors, layout, even the fireplace, are all different.

Corrected entry: When Walter is looking through the window inside his house, the flames from the Klopeks house do not reflect off the glass on his window right. Walter shadows the flames but thats not the way it should be looking at a closed reflected window. (01:23:25)


Correction: Walter is standing inside the house and looking out through a broken window. (Remember, a nearby house had just exploded.) Where the glass is not reflecting the fire, there is either no glass, or it is not angled correctly to reflect the fire from that viewpoint, which is not that hard to imagine under the circumstances.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ray leaves the house to take Vince for a walk he lets the dog loose to "have a field day". After Ray, Art & Ricky Butler tell the story of "Skip", Ray returns to his house, but forgets the dog and leaves him outside.

Correction: In this scene we don't actually see Ray go back into his house. On camera he gets to the bottom of the steps to his porch before it cuts to the next scene. But, if you watch the end of this scene just as Ray is about to go up his porch steps he looks over towards Art's front lawn which is where he let Vince the dog loose so maybe he calls Vince back just after that.

Corrected entry: When the Klopeck's son comes out on the porch for the first time, there is a scan shot of the neighborhood from his point of view. Missing across the street is the Army guy and his sexy wife who are shown gardening in front of their house in the subsequent shots.


Correction: During the scan, you can see the Rumsfeld's across the street. They are behind the flag pole in their front yard.


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Ray Peterson: So they keep to themselves, can you blame them? They live next door to people who break in their house, and burn IT down while they're gone for the day.

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Trivia: According to Courtney Gains, who plays Hans, he, Henry Gibson and Brother Theodore weren't told if their characters were guilty or not. Also, along with the alternate ending, there were several versions of 'the reveal' in the trunk of the Klopeks' car; including a version where the victims were cheer leaders and one with the garbage men. Ultimately, it became a collection of bones. Source: "There goes the neighborhood" blu-ray special features.

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Answer: I watched the YouTube clip. The closed captions interpret it as, "Hey, Ricky, get this limo out of your yard." Listening to it, however, it sounds like he says, "lame-o" (as in a lame person) rather than "limo."

raywest Premium member

The closed-caption setting on YouTube is voice-activated, and it often displays typos and "approximate" words when it doesn't recognize the audio output (especially slang terms). In that scene, Rumsfield yells, "Hey, Ricky, get this lame-o out of your yard!" In response, Ricky puts his arm around his friend's shoulders and laughs, "Get out of my yard, Lame-o!"

Charles Austin Miller

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