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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bill's old boss comes back to see him notice when Bill shoots him and takes the drink. All of the drink comes out of his chest because of the bullet holes. Well notice his shirt is all wet, then in the next scene when he takes off his hat his chest is all dry.

Joe Campbell

Scrooged mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the Ghost of Christmas Present settles to the ground after floating down the stairs at Frank's brother's house, you get a brief glimpse of the wires attached to her back.

Continuity mistake: After Claire hits Frank in the head with the door, she kneels down to help him up, and she has no purse. In the next shot she has a brown purse in plain sight on her left shoulder.


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Lou: I don't mind you hitting me, Frank, but take it easy on the Bacardi.

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Trivia: When Frank throws water on a waiter he thought was on fire, he apologizes and claims he thought the waiter was Richard Pryor. This is a reference to the time Richard Pryor, while doing cocaine, set himself on fire and ran down a busy street in L.A.

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Question: When Frank travels into the future and sees an older Calvin sitting on the floor, Calvin glances up. Did Calvin see Frank?

Answer: It's a vision, not reality, so one could interpret it either way. I think it's more powerful if Calvin is seeing Frank, silently accusing him of being (at least partially) responsible for his (Calvin's) situation.

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