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Corrected entry: When Eliot first confronts Frank with a shotgun inside Frank's office, Eliot fires three shots from his shotgun without reloading. The double barrel shotgun he's using can only shoot twice before he has to reload. Interestingly enough, this is the only scene where that happens. The rest of the scenes of Eliot shooting adhere to the two shot and reload rule.


Correction: This is incorrect. After the 2nd shot you can hear the distinct sound of the shotgun being opened, loaded, and closed before the 3rd shot.


Corrected entry: Toward the end, when Frank is talking about his brother in the picture frame and the scene goes to his brother's apartment, his brother's TV is sitting on some kind of audio/video component box (CD-2600). A minute later in Claire's shelter, her TV is sitting on the same box.

Correction: Those are boxes for the VCR gift (instead of a towel as Frank requested) - showing that Grace sent both Frank's brother and the shelter the premium Christmas gift.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eliot Loudermilk takes the sound room hostage, Preston Rhinelander calls the booth from home and asks "who put that moron on the air"? Eliot answers the phone and says "Brice Cummings sir, but he's a little tied up". The only problem with this is that Brice was hired by I.B.C after Eliot was fired by Frank Cross. Eliot wouldn't have known who Brice was.

Correction: Cummings is obviously in the business, so it's not a stretch to think Eliot would have seen/heard of him before.

Corrected entry: When having lunch in the restaurant, both Frank and Preston order Highballs. When the waiter brings the drinks (Frank's has an eyeball in it), Preston's drink is brown and Frank's is clear. (00:31:55 - 00:34:00)

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.

Corrected entry: In one of the rehearsal scenes, gymnist Mary Lou Retton practices her flip and line in front of assembled crew and studio background. When the crew is doing the performance for the actual broadcast on Christmas Eve, it shows the same footage as the rehearsal flip, complete with the same background people who obviously aren't supposed to be part of the broadcast.

Correction: Mary Lou never does the flip for the actual performance. Frank stops the show before it gets to that point. What we see it two instances of her practicing the flip.

Corrected entry: At one point Preston and Frank order the same drink, I think it's called a "High Ball" or something. If they have ordered the same drink, why is one clear and the other orange?

David Mercier

Correction: Robert Mitchum's glass has an ice cube in it, which wouldn't affect the colour of the liquid. Bill's glass has an eye ball in it, with associated attachments, which would most likely leak into the liquid and change the colour.

Corrected entry: When Frank's boss is telling him to start programming for cats and dogs, he gets in the elevator without Frank and remarks "...and Frank, study this", holding a report out to him. Frank snatches the report, and barely misses the elevator door closing on his hand. As everyone knows, if you put your hand in between a closing elevator door it will just open back up.


Correction: Elevators of that era often had only one "light sensor" at hip level and pressure sensors on the doors. Extend an arm and the doors will only reopen when they touch it.

Corrected entry: We are told that Mrs. Cooley's son is 4 years old and does not speak. We are told he does not speak because he witnessed his father's murder 5 years ago. Now the problem is if he was not even born then so how could he have witnessed a murder?

Correction: We are never told the age of Mrs. Cooley's son. When Frank Cross and the Ghost of Christmas Past return to 1955, and we see Frank's father give Frank 5 pounds of veal for Christmas, we are told that little Frank is 4 years old. That is the only time in the movie when we are told any child's age.

Continuity mistake: When Frank sees what he thinks is the Ghost of Christmas Future in the elevator, he flips out and accidentally clocks Grace in the jaw. She puts her right hand to her face, but in the next shot she's holding her left hand up.


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Lou: I don't mind you hitting me, Frank, but take it easy on the Bacardi.

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Trivia: Director Richard Donner has a cameo as a worker in the control room towards the end of the movie.

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