The Birds

Continuity mistake: As Melanie approaches the boat keeper her pocketbook is hanging around her wrist. In the next shot as she speaks to him the pocketbook is in the crook of her arm.



Continuity mistake: As they speak on Annie's front porch Melanie says, "Well, I'd better be on my way" and her left hand is at her side. In the next shot she's holding it straight out.



Continuity mistake: On the last leg of Melanie's journey just before she enters Bodega Bay she's driving on a dirt road, but they dub in the sound of her tires screeching on pavement as she negotiates the turns.



Continuity mistake: As Melanie and the cashier try to catch the bird they are close together in the close up but further apart in the next shot when we just see their hands in the air.



Continuity mistake: During the bird attack Melanie crushes the shade on the lamp in the corner. Several shots later it looks almost like new.



Continuity mistake: As they all sit down to have dinner Lydia covers the lovebird's cage with a cloth. After the birds fly from the fireplace we see the birdcage again and you can tell by the edges that the cloth is in a different position even though no one went near it.



Continuity mistake: The phone booth changes when Melanie is in it during the bird attack later in the movie. Here the green part on the bottom has three vent slits per row, later when the fire is behind it you can see four vent slits per row.

00:26:25 - 01:26:15


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After Melanie signs the card to Cathy she never puts her left glove back on. We're able to see her drive down uninterrupted to the boat and she never puts it on, but when she walks out of the car to the boat it's back on.



When we see the school children running away from the birds, they were actually running on a treadmill with Bodega Bay footage added in the background.