Death Warrant

Continuity mistake: At the jail bus arrival, the new African American inmate (with orange suit, as the other new ones) is getting off the bus handcuffed and wearing sleek black glasses, next shot, the glasses are gone (handcuffs still on). (00:10:18)

Other mistake: A fast editing makes a double kick on the face all the more impressive not to mention impossible. Get the pause button ready. (01:08:00)

Deliberate mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when Van Damme and the Sandman are fighting in the boiler room, the Sandman gets kicked into an open furnace for some time and then jumps out covered in flames. It's noticeable that he still has a full head of hair, which is impossible. Hair would be the first thing burnt right down to the scalp within a matter of seconds.


Continuity mistake: Girl in distress has no coat on, then the next second, she has a coat on and someone from production pushes her to go run on cue. (01:24:00)

Other mistake: The bad guy burning clearly has his face and hands protected. (01:22:00)

Continuity mistake: At the courtroom scene, the girl is calmly looking at Van Damme with her hands down, next shot, she's sipping a cup of tea. (00:07:52)

Continuity mistake: All the time during the fight scene in the laundry room, a big green box appears and disappears on top of a white clothing container next to the yellow washers. (00:26:30)

Continuity mistake: At the boardroom scene, in the group wide shot, the man on Van Damme's left is just sitting there and there is a blue folder right next to his briefcase. In every close up, the same man is now holding a writing pad and the blue folder has completely disappeared. Cut to the last group wide shot, the blue folder suddenly reappears and the man is back to just sitting there and the writing pad has now disappeared.


Revealing mistake: Outside the courthouse, there is a sudden downpour and the rain is coming almost straight down. Cut to a close-up of Van Damme and the rain is suddenly heavier, coming in at much more of an angle, and it's noticeable that Van Damme is not even getting wet. Cut back to the scene where Amanda is walking away, the rain is now back to being more vertical, is lighter and this shot shows that Van Damme's hair has not been touched by a single drop of rain.


Other mistake: At the board meeting near the beginning, it's noticeable that there is a smoky haze in the room, and this is also very noticeable in several close-up scenes, where this smoke haze can be seen wafting behind them. It's far too thick and too prevalent to be considered steam from the coffee, however no-one appears to be smoking, and there's not even an ashtray on the table.


Continuity mistake: In the courtroom scene at the beginning of the movie, there is a guy sitting next to Van Damme. In front of him there is a cup and a plate close to his briefcase, next shot the cup disappears, next one it appears again. Also, on the same table, the grey book on his left ends up replacing the cup. (00:06:30)

Continuity mistake: At the bad guy's house, objects on the top of the chimney behind the girl are off of it, next are on, next off of it again. (01:04:00)

Christian 'The Sandman' Naylor: Bring me a dream Burke, bring me a dream.

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Trivia: The cook serving dinner before Perez pulls a knife on Hawkins is Mark Disalle, one of the producers of the film.

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Question: Why was Burke's arm bleeding when he was hiding on the vents near the ceiling of the record room?

Answer: In the scene before that he scraped and cut his arm on the file cabinet as he was closing it looking for information.

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