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Corrected entry: When Amelie records the Tour de France, she presses a button in the middle of the controller. I have that video and the record button is at the bottom of the controller.

Correction: It's totally possible that Amélie's using a different remote control, isn't it?

Corrected entry: When Amelie quizzes Nino on proverbs, she says "One swallow doesn't make a...", and Nino replies "Summer" according to the subtitles. But Nino actaully says "printemps", which means Spring.

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Correction: Subtitles do not always translate literally. This one gave an English expression equivalent to what was being said.


Corrected entry: After the woman hands the pay-phone to Nino, at the funfair, she walks off, and in this shot the pay-phone is completely bathed in sun. In the next shot of Amelie, we see the pay-phone in total shade. (01:10:00)

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Correction: That's because the payphone Nino uses is facing the opposite way to the one Amélie uses. It stands to reason that if the sun is shining on his, hers, which is facing the other way, would be shaded by the surround we can see on the phone.

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Corrected entry: The beginning of the film is set in the 1970s. When the narrator says that Amelie's mom likes watching figure skating costumes on TV, a clip is shown of Rudy Galindo, a 1990s American skater. (00:04:30)

Correction: That's not necessarily a mistake. Just because Amélie's mother died in the 70s doesn't mean the filmmakers can't use a 90s skater to show US an example for her liking of the costumes. It doesn't mean that this clip was being show in the 70's!

Corrected entry: When Amelie finds Nino's album, it's in a bag belonging to his motorbike. Nino drops the bag from his motorbike. But when Amelie returns the album she only returns the album, not the bag, and he then has two bags on his bike again. Did Amelie keep Nino's bag? And if so, why? How did Nino get his bag back?

Correction: When we see Nino innitially lose his bag off his motorcycle he has 2. That is, one on each side of the back tire. When Amelie returns the photo album she forgets to bring the bag BUT the 2nd bag does NOT re-appear back on his motorcycle. Nino is still missing the bag, she must have put the album back in the other pouch, which was probably empty.

Corrected entry: After getting the name of the box's owner, Amelie takes the metro. She gets off a train at one platform and goes to another where she sees a blind man with a phonograph player. A shot reveals the name of the station-Abbesses. That particular station has only one metro line serving it. (00:21:15)

Correction: Same line, different direction.


Corrected entry: The mystery man in the photos turns out to be a repairman, but surely he can't be the only photo booth repairman in all of Paris? If he isn't, why is he the only one whose pictures reappear so often?

Correction: He is definitely a distinctive figure. He may not be the only repairman, but he's probably the most easily recognizable one.


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Continuity mistake: When Nino goes to 'Les deux Moulins' for the first time, we can see Amelie writing the menu on a glass right behind him. A few shots later, we see the glass again and the handwriting is quite different. That's easy to see if you look carefully at the 'd'. Later on, we see the glass once more, and the handwriting has changed again. (01:32:55)

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Old Man at the Two Windmills: Still, true love does exist.
Suzanne, Owner Two Windmills bar: I know. After 30 years behind a bar, I'm an expert. I'll even give you the recipe. Take two regulars, mix them together and let them stew. It never fails.

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Trivia: Amelie is shot in two main thematic colours: red and green, which vary according to situations and moods. Watch it again with that in mind.

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Question: What is the significance of the second video Amelie gives the glass man? I understand the first one - the horse is with the cyclists, and yet different from them, like the girl in the painting. But I don't get the second one.

Answer: As far as I can see, Amelie is just trying to give him a view of the world, so he doesn't become entirely cut off.

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