Clash of the Titans
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Suggested correction: Yes, they do, but what does that have to do with them being actually blind and how is it a mistake? It's like real blind people wearing dark glasses.


No it is not, as the cloths should have been better camouflaged or better makeup. But forgiveness granted for a cult film of its time.


Continuity mistake: During the riddle challenge, Andromeda's hair is in a stylish updo while standing at the altar with her mother Cassiopeia. Perseus enters moments later and solves the riddle. But in the next shot as they enter the courtyard together, Andromeda's hair is suddenly down around her shoulders and she looks like a little girl, instead of the mature woman she was at the altar moments before.

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Suggested correction: The next scene is later in the day. Everyone has changed clothes and they are at a celebration.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning when the ruler is making his speech, you can see his modern day fillings in his upper molars.


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Andromeda: You are not my lord and husband, not yet. In the absence of the queen, it is I who command.

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Trivia: The story of the Kraken was not based on Greek mythology, but is in fact a story from Scandinavian mythology.

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Question: Is it me, or does Medusa's head open her eyes as Perseus holds her head up after leaving the temple?

Answer: To me, it just looks like the way the prop catches the light as the actor lifts it up, and then higher up, the angle of the prop isn't catching the light in the same way.


Answer: I watched this scene several times on YouTube. When Perseus walks out with the severed head, the eyes are closed. Just as Perseus raises it, Medusa's eyes suddenly appear to open. Zeus is then heard telling Perseus to "fulfil his destiny" amid the thunder and lightning. Her eyes are wide open at this point. I interpreted this as showing that Medusa's power still resides within the head, even though she is dead.

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