Clash of the Titans

Continuity mistake: In the beginning as Spyros and his family are landing their boat, Spyros sees soldiers of Argos demolishing the statue of Zeus. In the aerial shots the fishing boat is in full sail. Just as the statue hits the water, the sails are drawn.


Continuity mistake: After Perseus saves Princess Andromeda and the two are washed up on a beach, her arms are still cuffed to long ropes. As she stands to her feet, they vanish from her arms instantaneously. (01:32:30)

Plot hole: When Andromeda and Perseus wake up on the beach, Andromeda tells Perseus that Argos needs a new leader/king. The problem with this is there is nothing onscreen to show that she even knew her father the King had died. She was hanging by her arms facing the Kraken and she couldn't turn around. By the time her father died, she was already falling into the sea, so again, she shouldn't even know her father has died.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, there is a shot of Andromeda being led to be sacrificed, in this shot you can see that she is wearing sandals that are laced up her legs, and have no way of falling off. However her sandals are gone when she's under water, before Perseus dives down to rescue her. Lying unconscious on the beach, she has bare feet.

Continuity mistake: The size and status of Perseus's venom scar varies improperly after it has been healed. It is less healed in later shots than in some earlier.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end when the one villager calls for Andromeda to be sacrificed, the sun is behind him shining through the scaffold they built to hold the princess. However when the camera angle changes to behind the guy - the sun is gone.


Continuity mistake: Right after Perseus kills the former king (he stabbed Io in the back), he gets up to his Pegasus, rushes back for his sword and Medusa's head. In the shot of him going for the Pegasus after he picks the head up, he is seen without it for a shot. He immediately has it in the next.


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In a shot of Zeus sitting on the throne, Emma Thompson, in costume as Nanny McPhee, is actually hiding behind the throne - they were filming next to each other. The story was related during an interview - she sneaked on set during a break, sat on Liam Neeson's lap and said "I think you've been a very naughty boy". He suggested she stay when filming resumed, as the shot wasn't going to be on him anyway, but she didn't want to throw off Ralph Fiennes, so hid behind the throne to get out of the way, and a shot of it with her hidden behind, unseen, is in the movie.