Continuity mistake: When Elizabeth Perkins sleeps over at Josh's loft, the pillows behind her head are flat and in the middle at the head of the bed. When they cut back from Josh, they are pushed up in the corner of the bed.

Continuity mistake: Josh stumbles into McMillan, scattering papers everywhere. Susan picks up hers and presses them against her chest. In a close-up they're tidy, yet a shot later they're all messed up.


Continuity mistake: In the equipment room, after adult Josh sings to Billy, his hair swaps from messy to brushed right before he says "Josh you look terrible."


Continuity mistake: When Billy enters the equipment room and confronts adult Josh, note the top ball's yellow sticker: it's either facing his face or away, depending on the angle.


Continuity mistake: Before adult Josh leaves home, he grabs Zoltar's card by twisting his hand around. In the close-up, the hand's position is different.


Continuity mistake: While Billy and Josh read the newspaper ads, note Billy's ice cream: the spoon stands-out longer or shorter and the pattern of the chocolate differs between shots.


Continuity mistake: The morning Josh becomes big, one of his sneakers in the bedroom swaps from being underneath the bed by the coat sleeve, to half a meter away in a different position.


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Billy: Here, take this. [Hands Josh a handful of money.]
Josh: Billy, where did you get this?
Billy: From my dad's top drawer.
Josh: You stole money from your father?
Billy: It's his emergency money.
Josh: Jesus, Billy.
Billy: Well what do you call this?

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Question: What is the video game young Josh plays at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: According to imdb: Though some believe it to be Colossal (Cave) Adventure or an early Sierra Game, no known game up to 1988 accepts the commands "melt ice wizard" or "throw thermal pod" (as used in the movie), therefore one can assume the game screen was simply created for the movie.

Carl Missouri

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