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Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks starts to play on the floor piano he throws the bag he is carrying aside and when he goes to leave he doesn't pick it up. He leaves it on the floor.

Correction: There is no scene afterwards implying he left the bag behind forever. When the scene ended he could have walked back and picked it up.


Corrected entry: Tom Hanks, as a 12 year old boy, is wearing those white and blue jockey shorts. He grows to a 30 year old man and rips out of his pajamas. However, the jockeys seem to fit him pretty well. Jockey's don't stretch THAT much.

Correction: Actually, they DO. If his underwear was slightly loose as a kid, it would stretch to fit a grown man quite easily. They'd be tight, but they wouldn't rip.

Corrected entry: When Josh is applying for the job, he puts down Billy's locker combination as his social security number. When he is told that he is missing a couple of digits, he adds '12' and they accept it. But that's only eight digits, and social security numbers are nine digits. He's still missing a digit.

Correction: Josh says "Oh! 12!" the man accepts the Oh for 0 so the SS number passes.

No, that is not accurate. The "oh" is not taken as "012" because the man doesn't write three numbers, he quickly writes and even says "1, 2."

No, this correction is valid. We hear the man say "oh, one, two."


Corrected entry: At the carnival, when 13 year old Josh wants to go on the ride, he is standing underneath the sign with the height requirements, when the ticket operator tells him he is too short. The camera angle changes, and Josh is now standing to the right of the sign.

Correction: Josh is always to the right of the sign; the camera angle sometimes makes it look like he is underneath it.

Corrected entry: When Josh and Susan go on their date to the amusement park, Susan wipes mustard off her face with her bare hand. The next shot of her, she is shown wearing a glove on that same hand. Her arms were full of stuffed animals - no way she could have put the glove on so quickly.


Correction: Not only was there enough time for her to slip her glove back on (6 seconds), but you can actually see her pulling it on in the following shot, even with the stuffed animals.


Corrected entry: Big Josh calls his mother at her house to tell her he's okay. Although it's not likely there would be police stationed physically at the house, they would almost certainly have put a tracer and/or recorder on the phone, which can be put in place and then checked periodically. The call would have then been traced to Josh's workplace.

Correction: Very true. Today it may be possible to trace the extension however in those days the best they could do was trace it to the building. Its a massive building with hundreds of extensions (almost everyone has a desk phone) and its more than likely that there are payphones (some big department stores have them). This wouldn't get them to Josh.

Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks and John Heard are playing racquet ball, their shoes are squeaking like they are on a basketball court even though they are on macadam. The squeaking even continues when they are lying on the ground fighting.

Correction: The reason there are squeaking noises even though they are not on a basketball court and even when they stop running is because there is a bball court right next to them. They pass it right before they get to the raquetball court and Tom Hanks asks to play basketball instead because he knows how to play that already.

Corrected entry: The first morning Josh discovers he's big, he runs to his parents' room and gives his sister his wallet. Josh is then seen putting pants on and then runs out of the room. His sister is no longer holding the wallet, and Josh is never seen taking it back.

Correction: Josh takes his sister with him- giving him plenty of time off-camera to get his wallet back.

Corrected entry: When Josh is spending that first scary night in the hotel, and hears a gun shot, a shrill scream follows, and it doesn't really sound like someone on the street screaming. The exact same shrill scream is heard near the end of the film during the shot of the roller coaster at the park when it loops upside down.

Correction: I think this is more like Trivia, rather than a mistake.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie, while Josh is at Susan's house, he pulls out the video game disk that he was playing at the beginning of the movie, plugs it in, and the game picks up where he had left off. Josh's mom rushed him out of the house so quickly, there's no way he had time to take any personal belongings...much less a video game disk.

Correction: His friend probably brought it to him later when he brought Josh some clothes and things.

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Continuity mistake: When Josh just becomes big, he hands his baby sister a wallet. She lowers her hands beneath the border of the playpen. The immediate angle, barely a frame later, shows her hands above it. (00:14:45)


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Billy: Here, take this. [Hands Josh a handful of money.]
Josh: Billy, where did you get this?
Billy: From my dad's top drawer.
Josh: You stole money from your father?
Billy: It's his emergency money.
Josh: Jesus, Billy.
Billy: Well what do you call this?

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Question: When Josh accuses John Heard of cheating at racquetball, was Heard in fact cheating, or did Josh just not understand the rules of the game?


Answer: Paul (John Heard) tells Josh that the serve has to cross the yellow line. When Josh calls the ball short, Paul is basically trying to cheat and claims he never said the ball has to cross the line. Although I'm trying to figure out what racquet sport their playing. It looks like they're playing on a handball court, but the racquet sports I know, the ball has to cross the short line (the yellow line in "Big") on the serve but you also serve from a service area where you have to stand in front of the short line, which they don't do.


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