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Corrected entry: Vada is going to bed and her dad is talking to her in her room. He tells her that the first thing her mother did when she found out she was pregnant with Vada was to come home and paint this room (Vada's bedroom) pink. The room is not painted pink, it is wallpapered in pink wallpaper with a tiny pattern of some sort in it.

Correction: Nine years have passed since Vada's mother learned she was pregnant. No wonder the room was redecorated during that time. Her dad just stuck to the pink scheme when he picked the wallpaper.


Audio problem: At Thomas J's memorial service, Vada goes up to the coffin crying. Just after she says something about his glasses being missing, her father comes up to comfort her. Watch his mouth - he is heard talking but his lips aren't moving at first (they are in the next shot).

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Question: Is it ever said how Vada's mother died? Harry mentions she met Vada and lived a couple of days after her birth.

Answer: She still died due to complications from childbirth, despite living another couple of days. Hence why Vada believes that she "killed" her mother. Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, also died from complications, but she lived for two weeks after.

To add an additional example to your accurate answer, a condition like postpartum pre-eclampsia (extreme hypertension) can occur from a few days to six weeks after giving birth and is sometimes fatal.


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