My Girl

Factual error: In one scene, Vada is showing off her mood ring. The movie is set in 1972 and mood rings were not created until 1975.


Audio problem: At Thomas J's memorial service, Vada goes up to the coffin crying. Just after she says something about his glasses being missing, her father comes up to comfort her. Watch his mouth - he is heard talking but his lips aren't moving at first (they are in the next shot).

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Thomas J. pulls the fish out of the water, the hook falls out of the fish's mouth twice.

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Vada: Mrs. Sennett, don't worry, Thomas J. Will be all right. My mother will take care of him.

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Chosen answer: Most likely because there was no reason for a scene of them together to tell the story. It is assumed that because Thomas and Vada are friends, that Harry has interacted with Thomas many times before. There could have been scenes filmed with the two actors together that was later cut from the final film. This often happens to quicken the film's pace, shorten the running time, etc.


Answer: Harry seemed to ignore Vada a lot of the time, would suspect her friends were included in him doing that also.

Question: Is it ever said how Vada's mother died? Harry mentions she met Vada and lived a couple of days after her birth.

Answer: She still died due to complications from childbirth, despite living another couple of days. Hence why Vada believes that she "killed" her mother. Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, also died from complications, but she lived for two weeks after.

To add an additional example to your accurate answer, a condition like postpartum pre-eclampsia (extreme hypertension) can occur from a few days to six weeks after giving birth and is sometimes fatal.


Question: Did Thomas know that he was allergic to bees?

Answer: I believe so. He was allergic to multiple substances, so he would have been thoroughly tested for just about everything.


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