My Girl

Veda lives in a funeral home with her dad. Her best friend is Thomas J. One day they are playing and Veda loses her ring... Thomas J goes back to get it. The rest of the movie is her coping with certain things. Read the ending for more.

Factual error: In one scene, Vada is showing off her mood ring. The movie is set in 1972 and mood rings were not created until 1975.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Chosen answer: Most likely because there was no reason for a scene of them together to tell the story. It is assumed that because Thomas and Vada are friends, that Harry has interacted with Thomas many times before. There could have been scenes filmed with the two actors together that was later cut from the final film. This often happens to quicken the film's pace, shorten the running time, etc.

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Answer: Harry seemed to ignore Vada a lot of the time, would suspect her friends were included in him doing that also.

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