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Summer Catch (2001)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Freddie and Matthew Lillard are at the Oasis bar, and Matthew is getting ready to go back home, Freddie is saying goodbye to Matthew because he's leaving the bar to go hang out with Jessica Biel, It's mentioned several times that Matthew is taking a bus home, but when Freddie says bye to him, he tells him to have a nice flight.

Correction: You are correct that they constantly said that the last bus was at 2:00, and then he said have a nice flight. The movie is set on the East coast in Massachusetts and the player (Billy) who was leaving lives on the West coast in California. It makes sense that he was taking a bus to the airport, since taking a bus to California would take over two days (nonstop).

Corrected entry: When the pitchers are playing catch in front of Brian Denehey, when Freddie Prinze Jr gets up to to throw to Matthew Lillard and is standing with the other pitchers, his glove is on his left hand, indicating he is a right handed pitcher, but in the next scene his glove is on the right hand, which it continues to be on throughout the rest of the movie, since he is supposed to be a left handed pitcher in the movie.

Correction: Freddy Prinze Jr. never had the glove on his left hand, he was cradling it in his arm.

Corrected entry: Even if you ignore the fact that no serious baseball player would ever leave a game in which he's pitching a no-hitter in the ninth inning, the fact remains that there were only two outs remaining. In the time it takes Freddie Prinze Jr. to call in the relief pitcher and explain his love for Jessica Biel to his team, the game might have already been over. If he had just continued pitching he could've finished the game and still had time to chase after Biel.

Correction: The story was about baseball and summer love. At the point he realized he loved her he didn't care about the no hitter. Even if he did care about it, it is possible for someone to do something stupid because of love. Maybe for baseball players it is far-fetched but for romantics, it might be stupid to stay at a game when your love is leaving. So not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: How can Jessica Biel catch up to Freddy after he heads for his truck and is leaving after almost getting caught swimming in the rain? He left way before her.

Correction: After Freddy got out of the pool he went to set the alarm off on Jessica Biel's dad's car, so that slowed him down.

Corrected entry: In baseball when a hitter strikes out looking a backward "K" is recorded in the score book, and a forward "K" is used when they strike out swinging. Well, at the end of the movie during Freddie's no hitter, as he strikes hitters out, the two the guys in the crowd are hanging "K's" up on the shed the wrong way.

Correction: This is not necessarily a mistake. All this means is that the two guys in the crowd hanging the "K"s don't know any better.

Continuity mistake: When they visit the bar, Ryan's brother hands him two beers, one with a pink mini-umbrella in it. When Ryan reaches the table, the pink umbrella is gone.

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Billy: Wood bats suck! Why do you think God invented aluminum?

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