Summer Catch

Continuity mistake: Brubaker slides home head first. When he is coming to the dugout, he gives his team mates high-fives. It can be clearly seen that the front of his uniform is clean and spotless.

Continuity mistake: When Jessica Biel and her father are talking about the fire, and they are sitting at the dining table, Jessica Biel's hair changes.

Continuity mistake: When they visit the bar, Ryan's brother hands him two beers, one with a pink mini-umbrella in it. When Ryan reaches the table, the pink umbrella is gone.

Tenley: You're thinking about kissing me, aren't you?
Ryan: No.
Tenley: Well, now that I've said that, you're thinking about it.
Ryan: No, I'm thinking that's what you're thinking.
Tenley: No, I'm thinking that I could swim the length and back underwater.
Ryan: Five bucks says you can't.
Tenley: You got it.

Ryan: I feel comfortable in my thong.

Billy: Wood bats suck! Why do you think God invented aluminum?

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