You Only Live Twice

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film when the ninjas are coming down the ropes to storm the volcano base, you can clearly see one coming down who has bullet holes riddled in his back - but is still alive.

Continuity mistake: The girl drives away from the wrestling arena sitting in the right seat, but when she drives up to the hotel she's sitting in the left seat. Either a flipped shot or a different vehicle.

Continuity mistake: When the hired thug is driving a disguised Bond to the Osato Building, the thug looks back at him. The forward view does not show the hood, wheel or dash of the car. After he goes back to driving, Bond peeks up to see where they're going, and now you can see the dash, and wheel. Also, when the thug looks around, the mirror shows only a blurred image of Bond, not the face and back of the thug's head. As Bond sees the building, the camera can now see only the thug's reflection in the mirror. Finally, they were in a downtown area with no dead end in sight. Then suddenly, there's the building. With no turns, that's a fast moving car.

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Continuity mistake: In the fight scene in the Osato building, Bond uses a couch as a battering ram against the guy that carried him in. After the third hit, Bond drops the couch after the attacker flips over it onto the floor. The next moment, he has the couch up ram-style, and the other man is back up, in the place where he can be hit again, a good five feet from where he was on the floor on his back.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond opens the crater cover, the ninjas attack. In one shot the ninjas are seen walking on the still-opening cover, but it is not moving.

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Continuity mistake: In several shots during the final battle the crater cover is translucent. But if it is made of metal, it can't be translucent.

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Continuity mistake: When an attempt to kill Bond by poison is made, a long string hangs from the ceiling. The drop of poison falls on Aki's lips. In the next shot, the string is gone. It would have taken time to pull up again, and it didn't fall on to the bed.

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Continuity mistake: During the shootout at Kobe docks, Bond's PPK changes into a Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless.


Continuity mistake: When Bond and Aki are attacked at the docks in Kobe, Bond tells Aki to go and contact Tanaka. Aki then runs to a rope to let herself down to ground level again. When she grabs the rope her long straight hair reaches down to the middle of her back, yet when the shot changes to her starting to climb down, her hair changes in structure and only reaches down to her shoulders. Clearly a stuntwoman wearing a wig. (00:43:30)


Continuity mistake: In the sequence in which Bond and Aki are being chased by the black sedan, they pass a corner with a sign that reads: "Detour, road under construction" with a red arrow above pointing in two directions. They turn right at the next corner and turn again at the same corner with the same road sign. This second time the scene cuts sooner but it is the same corner. The shot was used twice. (00:39:45)


Continuity mistake: As Bond leaves the building of Osato Chemical and Engineering, a black sedan with gunmen is slowly following close behind. Aki, who had been waiting for Bond, tells him to "get down" just in time to avoid the bullets which cause clouds of brown dust as they hit the concrete wall right behind Bond. The scene cuts to a shot in which we see the sedan speed by, but the clouds of dust have completely disappeared. When the scene cuts back to Bond the dust clouds are there again. (00:39:15)


Continuity mistake: In the sequence showing the black sedan being lifted up by the helicopter, the number of driving lanes changes too rapidly between the shots. When the helicopter is approaching the sedan is driving on a highway with at least four lanes. Right in the next shot it is lifted off a road with only two lanes. In the shot from the helicopter we can see the white Toyota on a highway with four lanes, and the shots out of Aki's Toyota show a rather narrow country road ahead that doesn't even have any markings whatsoever. (00:40:45)


Continuity mistake: When Bond is attacked by the ninja while he is training to be a ninja, Bond grabs the staff with the knife at the end, flips the ninja and stabs him on the left side of his lower back, but when it cuts to the next wide shot, it shows all the blood on the front of the ninja's training top. The only way there should be blood there was if the blade penetrated from the back and out the front, but the blade wasn't anywhere near long enough to go completely through a body.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is investigating the Ning-Po at the shipyard, he is surrounded by workers carrying tools as weapons. One of them is holding a tire-iron like tool with one hand. The shot changes to behind him and he is now gripping it with both hands.


Continuity mistake: When Aki runs from the warehouse towards the rope the lower her down there are two ships on the river in the background. In the next clip they are gone.

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Continuity mistake: When the Russian rocket is launched the command module at its tip has the same shape as the American space craft. But when seen up close the Russian command module has a very different shape.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond jumps from the roof of the warehouse in Kobe both his shirt cuffs are outside his jacket sleeves. He starts correcting the right cuff, then there is a cut to the next scene and here he is still correcting his right cuff, but his left cuff is now inside the jacket sleeve.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond and Aki park in front of Henderson's hotel, the hotel entrance is to the right of the car, but when they walk into the hotel the car points the opposite way.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bond is taken to Osato chemicals by the hired thug, right after the thug takes off his mask and they start to fight, the mask falls off onto the couch Bond was laying on, but when the thug goes to flip Bond onto the orange rug, the mask is now lying on the floor next to the couch, then afterwards (when Bond goes to pick up his trusty Walther PPK after setting off the alarm) the mask is lying on the couch again. (00:24:30 - 00:27:40)

Continuity mistake: While Bond is running on the roof of the warehouses in Kobe just before he reaches the stairs he is carrying a stick. But in the preceeding overhead shot, he has no stick.

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Continuity mistake: When Blofeld is just about to shoot Bond with a Webley & Scott Mk. IV revolver in .455 Webley caliber, Blofeld's hand is hit with a ninja throwing star. However, the gun he drops isn't the Webley, but a Smith & Wesson .38 Special.

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Tiger Tanaka: I must say I am disappointed with the ease with which I could pull you in. The one thing my honourable mother taught me long ago was never to get into a car with a strange girl. But you, I'm afraid, will get into anything. With any girl.

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Trivia: German actress Karin Dor almost suffered decapitation by the helicopter rotors in the scene where she and the actor playing Osata meet Bond for the first time. Only an attentive crewman, who shouted a warning at her, prevented it.

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