Working Girl

Corrected entry: Tess' lunch box from Jack has the initials T.M.T. on it as if she and Jack got married; but when she goes to the new job she introduces herself as Tess McGill.

Correction: The lunchbox reads "T Mc G" (for Tess McGill) in script, not "TMT."

Corrected entry: When Jack arrives at Katherine's apartment, he rings her intercom from the street entrance. She instantly answers and buzzes him in, even though she's laid up in bed with a broken leg. There's no intercom near the bed, and she could not have gotten to the one by the front door that quickly, hobbling around on crutches and a cast on her leg. When Jack comes up, she's still in bed, sitting in the same position as when Tess left a few minutes before Jack's arrival.

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Correction: There is an intercom by the right-hand side of the bed.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Tess goes to work. When she enters the building she is wearing a brown coat. When she arrives at the office she is wearing a grey jacket.



Correction: The brown coat was a heavy winter outer coat. The grey jacket is a lightweight jacket that goes with her outfit.

Corrected entry: When Tess catches her boyfriend Mick having sex with one of her friends in their bedroom Mick is shocked and embarrassed, but the girl just keeps going as if nothing was happening. It's pathetic acting.



Correction: Not really. She, in fact, does stop and her eyes move slowly to Tess. Then when Mick is trying to talk his way out of it, Doreen puts her arm on his shoulder and puts her face in her hand, also embarrassed. She IS still breathing hard, however, because the sex abruptly stopped.

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When Tess arrives at Cyn's party at the bar, she finds Mick drinking. She joins him and puts her purse on the table. Mick asks her to dance and the next shot you can see purse strap is back on her shoulder.



Catherine tosses a huge black gorilla to Tess as she gets off the helicopter. This was an inside joke reference to "Gorillas in the Mist" which Sigourney Weaver had just finished filming and was released only three months before this movie.