Revealing mistake: Whenever Will does one of his fancy jumps (which make him actually appear more like a monkey than a wolf) you can easily tell that he gets pulled up by a rope because always accelerates on the way up. If he were jumping his maximum speed would be at the moment when he takes off. The softened landings enhance the unrealistic impression. (01:06:35)


Revealing mistake: After Will bites the deer there's a shot of some birds taking off in front of a rather crudely painted night sky backdrop. (00:49:30)


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George: Excuse me, sir, can I help you? Oh, Mr. Swinton, I didn't recognize you.
Stewart: I'm here to see Miss Alden, George.
George: Well, I'm afraid I'll have to call. May I ask your business with Miss Alden?
Stewart: My business is pleasure, George. Does she look like the fuck of the decade or what?

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