Stewart (James Spader) is transforming into a wolf because of an earlier bite by Will (Jack Nicholson). Before going to the police station Laura (Michelle Pfeiffer) put Will in a stall in the barn at his request. After seeing Laura at the station Stewart follows her home where he kills her two guards. He chases Laura into the barn where he is trying to rape her. Will becomes enraged and takes off the protective necklace (given to him by a doctor to keep him from changing to a wolf permanently). He leaps over the stall and goes after him. The fight continues, ending when Pfeiffer shoots Spader. Nicholson runs into the woods where he turns into a wolf. The police and Laura's dad (Christopher Plummer) arrive. She plays dumb about the situation but as she walks away toward the trees she asks if Det. Bridger (Richard Jenkins) would like "another" drink. When he whispers to the other detective 'how did she know that' Laura replies, "You can smell it a mile away." As Laura's keeps walking, her eyes begin to turn yellow and she smiles. Note: When the doctor gave Will the necklace he mentioned that some people could turn into wolves by just having a great desire to be with one or wanting to become one. No bite was necessary.

Dylan Coolidge

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film when Jack Nicholson hits the wolf, his car spins around 180 degrees in the snow, but there are no marks from the wheels in the snow when he approaches the hit wolf. (00:03:25)

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George: Excuse me, sir, can I help you? Oh, Mr. Swinton, I didn't recognize you.
Stewart: I'm here to see Miss Alden, George.
George: Well, I'm afraid I'll have to call. May I ask your business with Miss Alden?
Stewart: My business is pleasure, George. Does she look like the fuck of the decade or what?

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