What Women Want

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mel Gibson is talking to Bette Midler (the psychiatrist) and she realises his "talent" she puts her pen down, then it shoots back to him, and then back to her and she drops her pen on the ground. (00:48:10)

Audio problem: The Meredith Brooks song Mel Gibson listens to skips two lines in the first verse, and after the chorus, skips the entire second verse.

Continuity mistake: Two totally different locations are used for the exterior of Darcy's new apartment. When Nick stands outside trying to get Darcy to answer, the building has no steps leading up to it and has a rectangular art deco style front door, flanked by two window panels. In the closing scene, which takes place the same day/evening, Nick is supposedly visiting the same building as earlier, but this time it has steps leading up to an arched front door and has a completely different facade. This can't be explained by one apartment being her old place, the other her new place, as not nearly enough time has elapsed in this sequence to make such an explanation possible.

Revealing mistake: When Nick drops the blowdryer, and it's moving in slow motion toward the tub, why is the blowdryer casting shadows on the ceiling directly above the tub? That would mean there are lights either in the tub or on the floor right next to it. (00:29:00)

Continuity mistake: When the old Chinese granny shows Mel where to go, she is shown holding the umbrella with him, one shot, her hand is above his, and in the next shot it is below his. (01:42:50)

Factual error: When Nick is in the psychiatrist's office and tells her he can read women's minds, Bette Midler's character says, "Sigmund Freud spent his entire life trying to understand what women want," or something to that effect. Actually, Freud didn't care much about the psychology of women, he simply passed them off as having "penis envy". Most psychologists today recognize that Freud was a little off base. It seems like the writers just used Freud's name because he's the only psychologist the general public would know by name. (00:49:10)

Continuity mistake: When Nick meets Alex's boyfriend for the first time, Cameron's necklace changes from one style to another then back to the original between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the entire scene when Darcy is first introduce and handing out boxes, the position of her hair keeps changing. At times one side is along her back then it is on her front side. Also both sides are doing the same, being either in front or back.

Continuity mistake: After Nick has tried on the pantyhose, there 2 small towels on top of 2 bigger ones on the towel rack. They appear to be neatly folded and even. The scene cuts to his daughter walking in then back to Nick. The small towel on the left side is now shorter in length and not neatly placed.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the bar, Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson are talking. During the dialogue, the camera cuts from one face to the other. Helen Hunt's hair is sometimes in front of her shoulder, and sometimes behind. (01:22:30)

Continuity mistake: When Mel is kissing the girl from the coffee shop outside her house, she tilts her head to the her left. In the next shot, she is to the right. (01:00:50)

J.M. Perkins: If you know what women want, you can rule.

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Trivia: You may have gotten a twitch of deja vu when he exited the building in the rain, with the camera facing south toward the Chicago Board of Trade building. The scene was located in the exact same place, on the exact same corner, in front of the exact same building as a scene in Payback (albeit without the paper vending machine to put a gun in).

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Question: Why is the Apple logo on Nick's laptop upside down?

Answer: Apple PowerBooks of the time (around 1999 to 2001) had the logo the right way up to the user when closed, supposedly to prioritise the experience of the user over that of onlookers. According to former Apple employee Joe Moreno, Steve Jobs later changed his mind and after 2001, Apple notebooks had the logo right way up when opened.


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