What Women Want

Corrected entry: When Mel Gibson's character is looking through his daughter's bag, he finds an Alanis Morissette CD. Later she finds it and asks him where he got it. However, the song he puts on is "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.

Correction: He grabs a pile of cds from his daughter's bag, one of them is Alanis Morissette but he keeps looking through the pile and finds the Meredith Brooks cd which has a picture of her holding a guitar, to which he remarks "she's cute". This was obviously enough to make him want to choose her cd over Alanis's.

Corrected entry: About the middle, when Nick walks in to Darcy's office, she thinks and speaks at the same time, which confuses Nick as it comes to him in a jumble. He asks for clarification, which she does, but for both. She then repeats both, first her speech, then her thoughts. Why is she thinking the same thing twice? This seems to be in here only because the filmmakers wanted to clarify what Dracy said and thought so that the audience could follow.

Correction: This was obviously done on purpose, so this isn't a mistake.

Corrected entry: On the day that Mel Gibson thinks he is going to be promoted, he says to his two secretaries 'Are you ready to move up to the 44th floor?' or something similar to that, insinuating that when he is promoted, his office would be on a different floor. On the evening when he leaves his office late at night, Helen Hunt's office is across the way from his on the same floor. You would assume that she would be put in the office that he thought he was going into - on a higher floor.

Correction: When Mel sees Helen accross the way, she is working in a conference room, not in her office.

Corrected entry: There's a scene where Helen Hunt is showing the bedroom of her new apartment to Nick. When she gets in of it she is shoeless, and after a few minutes you can see that she's wearing a pair of shoes.

Correction: In every shot, from climbing the stairs from the street to dancing in the bedroom, Helen Hunt is wearing shoes.


Corrected entry: When Nick is reaching for the hot wax that is warming up in the sink the second time, he reaches with his right hand then there is a cut to the sink and it is a left hand that picks up the wax. (00:42:40)

Correction: Nick's right hand is on the outside of his leg, away from the sink. It doesn't move across his leg before the cut, so there's no way he could have been reaching for the wax with that hand.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mel is trying on the products in the bathroom he takes the towel off to put the tights on then it reappears when his daughter comes in.

Correction: The scene shows Mel's character bending over to pick up his towel then switches to his daughter. When it switches back, he is wearing the towel again, however, he had plenty of time to put it back on while the camera was not on him.

Corrected entry: When Mel Gibson has just been electrocuted by the hairdryer in the bath, he falls flat on the floor. The sound effect heard is just him hitting a wooden floor, yet he should land on all the ball bearings that are all over the bathroom. In the next scene, you can see him lying on top of some bearings, yet the noise doesn't suggest that.

Correction: Those are not ball bearings, they are bath oil beads and are very soft. It would be difficult to hear any noise at all from them.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie Nick's daughter has braces on her teeth. In some scenes she doesn't have any braces at all.

Correction: No, in the first part of the movie she has braces. She could have had them taken off at some point.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie, when Mel Gibson returns to Helen Hunt's apartment, the building is shown with two buzzers, instead of four like previously shown when she first took him there.

Correction: There are two different buzzers. One for her current apartment, and one for the new place. She tells Nick she can move into the new one in 2 weeks. Nick originally buzzes at the current one, since she technically still lives there.


Corrected entry: J.M. Perkins, M.A, M.F.C.C is a marriage and family counselor with a Master's Degree, not "Doctor Perkins" (00:46:30)

Correction: "Doctor" could be a sort of nickname in this case.

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Corrected entry: Right after the scene where Mel gives the presentation to Nike, he is shown on an Apple Powerbook. Later in the same scene it shows the screen two times. In the second shot of the screen you can tell that the screen is from a windows computer, and not a Mac.

Correction: There are programs, like Virtual PC, that allow a Mac to use Windows software. Given the Windows dominated business world, it wouldn't be odd for a business to use this on their Macs.

Corrected entry: Mel Gibson's apartment has a balcony. However, the exterior shots of the building the apartment is supposed to be in clearly show that none of the apartments have balconies.

Correction: There could be balconies on the other side of the building. We don't know since we never see a shot all the way around the building.


Corrected entry: One of the products Mel tried from the pink box was nail polish. I don't recall nail polish remover being in the pink box. He wakes up late after being shocked, and runs out of the house and makes it to work, relatively on time. The nail polish is removed...how did that happen?

Correction: Although there was no nail polish remover included in the kit, he was staying with his daughter at the time. It is highly possibly that his daughter had nail polish remover in her room, and Mel took it.

Corrected entry: When Mel first enters the coffee shop he knocks into a women spilling coffee on her yet the coffee cups all have secure lids. (00:05:40)

Correction: It is very likely that the lids were present, but not completely closed. Many coffee lids have a small opening for drinking, and the coffee could have escaped through there. This would explain why only a little coffee got onto her shirt.

Correction: In some coffee shops you can specify that you don't want a lid.


Continuity mistake: When Nick first enters Sloane Curtis and is talking to one of his male co-workers, in the background there is a man in the typing away at his computer. He gets up and walks off, then the camera angle changes for a few seconds. When it returns, the man returns to his computer. It cuts away and returns a few more times, rather quickly, each time showing the man returning to his computer. (00:08:35)

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J.M. Perkins: If you know what women want, you can rule.

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Trivia: You may have gotten a twitch of deja vu when he exited the building in the rain, with the camera facing south toward the Chicago Board of Trade building. The scene was located in the exact same place, on the exact same corner, in front of the exact same building as a scene in Payback (albeit without the paper vending machine to put a gun in).

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Question: Why is the Apple logo on Nick's laptop upside down?

Answer: Apple PowerBooks of the time (around 1999 to 2001) had the logo the right way up to the user when closed, supposedly to prioritise the experience of the user over that of onlookers. According to former Apple employee Joe Moreno, Steve Jobs later changed his mind and after 2001, Apple notebooks had the logo right way up when opened.

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